Need Advice On How To Build Out My Site

Last Update: February 24, 2014

Hello everybody,

So I had a thought today I would like to share with you and hear your opinions on.

I was thinking on whether or not I should focus my site solely around just affiliate marketing/making money with a website, like I'm trying to do.

The reason I'm trying to decide this is, initially I planned on also providing information on alternative ways to work at home for those who aren't interested in doing what WA trys to teach, which is what I'm trying to promote on my website

Now, the reason I'm having a hard time making this decision is for 2 reasons:

One- I know that if I just focus solely on creating content promoting and teaching what WA does, it will be alot easier and doable because:

  • It's something I already know well since I'M trying to do it too
  • And the content will be alot better and manageable since I would be focusing all my time and energy in one direction and on one goal

And Two- I know that showing other ways to work at home instead of just promoting what I do and am trying to sell will:

  • Convey trust by showing you other ways to work at home other than what I'm trying to do and sell
  • And and that I really am trying to help and not just get your money

Any thoughts? What do you guys think?

Should I consolidate my site and make it more solid- thereby more doable?

or flesh it out and make it more trusting- thereby making it more unorganized?

Thanks guys,


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mwd21 Premium
I'd concentrate on WA at this stage at least, you can always branch out to other ideas later.
Shmizer Premium
Very good point, didn't even think of that.

Angelsway Premium
If your clever (you sound it!) I don't se why you cant conbine both. But that only my humble opinion
Shmizer Premium
Ahaha why thank you ;)

Ya know what, you're right!

Definitely will consider that, thanks!
Karyskis Premium
I say stick with WA as a work from home niche.
Shmizer Premium
Yeah, that seems to be the general consensus, thanks!
nomda ploom Premium
keyword clusters must help a little?
If you are going after a loosely focused set of keywords or even unrelated terms, it will be harder to rank?
Cluster them around a central keyword, keep them closely associate and go for the low-hanging fruit seems to be the way to go, IMO, Andy
Shmizer Premium
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Hmmm, I'll have to see and think about it.

Thanks for the good pointers Andy!
msdj8163 Premium
My thoughts are you need to convey what you know. That being said WA would be good.

My last couple of articles on my website I have not used WA banners. I used links to an article or two on WA. You are still promoting WA but not in your face promote. You can convey information available on WA to your visitors for them to gain more knowledge. When they read the article they will read and if they want to look around will be prompted to sign into WA.

If you are not very knowledgeable with other types of work at home platforms, I would not venture into that area. You need to be an authority. Its ok to be an authority with what you have learned on WA.

Shmizer Premium
Yeah, that's kinda what I figured.

Ahhhh, I see. Makes sense. Good tactic!

Never thought of that one, thanks!