News for U.S. Giving Up internet

Last Update: Mar 15, 2014


Saw this on early morning news in United States. We are going to be givinig up the management system.

I wonder how it is going to affect us as Internet Marketers?

This is an article from The New York Times.

What do you think?

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Thanks for sharing. Will have to wait and see I guess

Americans find change difficult. We have paid tax dollars into the development of the internet as an investment for our future.

All of us have become part of the history of the internet moving forward into the global network. We benefit from our websites that can reach a global audience.

ICANN as a non-profit has had authority over all the TLD's including the new ones where you can take your niche or brand and become a .technology. This further defines your specific presence in the internet highway.

There are many interdependent agencies that will continue to work together with ICANN. For a good read, perhaps boring to some, is the history:

I think as a business owner, the release of US dominance will enable a global presence that could quadruple assets or perhaps our headaches. I don't know.

Thank you Sherion for highlighting this significant change for our future. We will never know until we take the leap. As a member of the WA within this most protected, supportive community, I feel safe as we move together into a new horizon. ^_~

I hope it will quadruple our assets like you mentioned. We can only wait and see what is going to happen though.

what matters is what comes next, but something else needs to come next from what I can see- not a great episode in the history of the WWW for sure, Andy

Thanks Sherion for sharing this information. I think we should wait and watch for the developments. There is no much reason to be worried about it. It concerns the whole world. Quite possibly this will be a blessing in disguise for us. Time will tell. Thanks again.

I agree. Only time will tell.

One step closer to the one world government. What makes me mad is the US keeps coming up with the best things the world has ever seen and we just give it away as if we have no rights to it.

My understanding is that our taxes in the U.S. paid for this many years ago. I just wonder how it is going to be controlled and if we are going to have to pay more for our domains. This is one part that I understand is going to be relinquished.

It makes me really mad.

Right on point, Ty!

Thanks for the info. I don't know what to think. I'll be watching for future developments.

For me, it is a great day! Icann has basically handling it… I think the government has abused their access… I don't thing it will change anything as they relinquished the important responsibilities years ago…

I hope nothing changes! But, whenever anything is turned over to someone or something else then there are usually some kind of changes.

Not really sure what to think. If, as Jude seems to think, we are only stepping out of the administrative role, I suppose most things would remain pretty much the same and all would be okay, Otherwise, who knows?

It depends on what happens when the outside body takes over. Based on that article, the government is giving up essentially an administrative role.

It is also a political move because of the allegations of using the internet resources for alleged spying purposes.

Once it removes itself as a stakeholder, the government could be in a better position to regulate the Internet, as they would be perceived as being at arm's length.

Putting it in the hands of an independent body should be a good thing.

Only time will tell whether that proves to be so. ~Jude

I think as time goes on we will be giving up a lot more than just the administrative role. As you mentioned only time will tell.

Wonder what's going through the minds of the guys over at GoDaddy and NameCheap, etc.? This could be a bit disturbing!

That is what I thought too!

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