WT** - My Website Has Died.

Last Update: Nov 11, 2018

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I do not know WTF has happened with my site.

It looks like it has flatlined and dropped off the internet sphere...

It looks like at Nov 7th it took one last breath then flatlined.....!!!

Why on earth could this be happening?

I have never had big numbers in my visitors even when I was getting a good referral flow. I ranged around 100 daily visitors and then for a good 6-8 months Feb-Sept this year I barely did anything on it. (Maybe I am reaping the reward (NOT) for that!)

But the last few months I have picked up my game and recently have been blogging Reviews nearly every day, so I am at about avg 5-6 posts weekly, for the past month and a half or so.

And my site has well over 125 posts plus a number of those are on Google's page 1. Although in saying that, I did see a few drop off page 1 as well!.

And I usually get sitecomments so atleast some people are visiting.

I seriously do not know whether to laugh or cry. :)) :(((

You all know how tough it is to constantly get posts out there.

I am very frustrated however, one thing I wont do is give up.

So has anyone else seen a huge drop in their traffic of late?

Or like me, lost their traffic all together?

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Google did put out a few small changes and its unclear what they actually did or what changes they actually made. They are saying that pages that were underrated have moved up in ranking. Just keep doing what you're doing.

I'd take one or two articles that have lost ranking and update the article with more detailed information. You didn't make any type of changes like meta description or titles your saying. I know I lost little ranking but I made some changes and was doing some redesigning.
Here's a link about the changes hopefully that helps: https://searchengineland.com/google-confirms-small-search-ranking-algorithm-update-this-past-week-306103.

Thanks for that Ken, I will check it out!

I am sorry to hear this. Hopefully, you will find a solution soon.

Thanks. It probably means just to keep on writing Jerry!

Most likely. You are very good at it so there is no reason to stop is there.

This is an interesting post. I will check back to look at the answers from other people.

Hopefully you figure this out.

Yeah I hope so too! Thanks!

No doubt, something is wrong with GA, you have to check on it, I hope you will find the way to fix the problem.

It definitely is a frustrating thing to have happen especially when you've been working so hard on your website. It appears many people have had drastic drops in traffic after Google's latest algorithm change, but your seems to be among the most dramatic. I would check Analytics as others have said and keep on posting. The hope is that the traffic will eventually come back.

Yeah, I think the goal is to just keep on keeping on. But it is VERY frustrating. Thanks for letting me know about others as well. I hope their sites haven't suffered this bad!

oh my gaa!!!! I am so sorry that this happened to you!!!!

Yeah, I will work it out. Just keep on going I guess!!!

The chart you are showing does seem like a progressive but gradual drop. It's odd that you would get a complete drop in traffic, though.

Have you checked to see if Google Analytics (GA) is still working? Sometimes, updates to the plugins that use GA will knock out the value. I've had that happen.

Access your website with the GA real time view to see if you get any hits. If you have set up GA to hide your machine from stats, try a different device such as your smartphone with the Wifi setting off. You'll want to use your Smartphone provider's data access as that should be different from your regular internet.

Of course, if you have set your smartphone up to not be tracked in GA that won't work and you'll have to remove the features that don't track you to start tracking you in GA.

If you are able to get real time hits from GA, then you'll need to check your Webmaster tools which is now search console to see if Google is giving you any warnings about your website.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for that Jim,
I went on my son's phone and got my site up and it doesn't say anyone live is on it so there must be a problem there.
My traffic has definitely dropped, however, I just know going by the fact my referrals have stopped too. It really sucks at the moment!!
I will see if there are warnings inside the Google console.
Thanks heaps for your help.

Hey Sharon, overall it does look like you are losing traffic from your chart, but you do want to check out why your GA isn't getting hits. The complete drop off led me to believe that is what happened and your son's phone should show up in the real time.

Yeah well it is not showing up at all. And it does show how the traffic is trailing off so Google doesn't like me anymore...lol

I think the complete drop off is on account of GA getting disconnected. Can't say for sure, but with your son's phone it should have registered. Even algorithm changes as others have stated usually take effect much quicker. As Zsolt (@smartketeer) stated, the algorithm change happened in August. And Ken's (@Rubberbandman) comment shows that change happened back in September. In both cases, algorithm changes tend to hit websites quicker, but who knows how the Big G operates!

Like WT you know :) and I have no idea what would cause this??? Is the site via WA or via another provider now? It's the only thing I can think of!

In other words, if you have changed over to GO DADDY or someone else, then maybe this might change things? Let me know when you find out the answer, please.


Hi Alex,

No, this site is hosted here at WA, I have changed nothing but increased my productivity and doing all the right things. As in regards to low comp keywords, reviews, getting site comments etc.
I am stumped and it is not what I need right now, I am supposedly gunning for Vegas... boy do we get obstacles HUGE and small thrown at us in this Internet game!

Well, it's time to go to the mattresses LOL I hope you understand this reference :)


MANY people had huge losses after the last Google update that has been released in August :(

Looks like it has just kicked in for me. They could have let me have some visitors...Actually, that is what it feels like, a bloody good kicking!!!

stay calm what u did?

Yeah I will stay calm Marilyn ... from tomorrow....argghhh!!! lol

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