PROJECT: Year 2020 - Destination Vegas

Last Update: November 04, 2018

I hope you like my Vision board :)))

This project I am taking on is pure inspiration from Jerry @jerryhuang, Grace @littlemama and Christina @cld111 (who is on the same journey as me.. Vegas 2020!). Of course there are many others including Vitaliy @VitaliyG (whom I was thrilled to find WA with), however these guys are the ones I read about and who share success stories the most.

My Goal since I started here late Nov 2016 was to just get a profitable website running but more importantly have a better return on investment which I have achieved since mid 2017 and beyond.

Too many things I have been part of I have paid hundreds, even thousands for, to in the end get me no where, and more in more debt.

Which is why I am truly thankful for finding Wealthy Affiliate.

So I believe we have to set bigger goals to knock out smaller ones on the way and the reason I am fully focused now on getting to Vegas. If I am getting 300 signups, I can be guaranteed, a swag load of money comes with it!

In Feb this year I had something happen personally and also towards my business that threw a huge spanner in the works and seriously, I let it derail me, my momentum suffered and so did traffic to my site.

So for about 8 mths I reckon I could count on one hand the amount of posts I wrote.

Not good for a blogging business.

Thankfully I had passive income coming in that kept a spark for this WA platform alive and made me realise I cannot give this up. (And the fact there is just nothing like this online so where was I going to go to, from here anyway?)

But now I want, what a reasonable amount of people have earned here, and that is to get to Vegas 2020.

So at the end of each month look out for my updates as I strive toward the ultimate goal of 300 sign ups in a year.

My main goal at the moment is to blog 6 days a week which I am successfully doing, and have been for the past month.

Please comment below and let me know if you are gunning for Vegas too.

If so, I want to whole heartedly support your journey too!

Cheers, Shazza

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StPaul Premium
Wishing you great success from the bottom of my heart!
shazzaWA Premium
Thanks heaps Paul!
firstlearn Premium
I was gunning for Vegas 2020 but due to some life experiences, I have now changed it to 2021.

shazzaWA Premium
Good on you Derek, all the best with it.
MiaL Premium Plus
Hi Shazza, I like your dream board! I have no doubt you can do it. I hope to see you in Vegas in 2020 :)
shazzaWA Premium
Hi Melissa,
Yeah I think it is great too!
Hope to see you there also.
Cheers, Sharon
YanFellow Premium
Hey Shazza - great goal and inspirational story.

I have absolutely no doubt you'll succeed :-)
shazzaWA Premium
Thank you so much Ian and I really plan to!
Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Shazza

Yes I am aiming for Vegas 2019.

I am still finding my flow but closer now.

Thank you for sharing

Wishing you all the best
shazzaWA Premium
Hi Jennifer,
That is great! I hope you get there and if not then you can come with me!!! lol.
I wish you all the best too Jennifer
Cheers, Sharon
Jadatherapy Premium
YAY that would be great