The Perfect Post- Fact or Fiction?

Last Update: May 15, 2015

The Perfect Post

How many of us have spent days, even weeks trying to compose the perfect post, show of hands? Oh right we cant see each other....but you know who you are. Trying to compose the perfect post is like getting on a stationary bicycle, you'll spin your wheels and you won't get anywhere.

Write With a Purpose

When first composing a post we should ask ourselves what is the purpose of the post? Are we trying to influence the reader, get them to take action, or increase their awareness/knowledge? For so many of us once we begin to put words to paper we get on our stationary bicycle and pedal away trying to compose the perfect post.

Lessons Learned

I once spent 3 weeks writing an action plan, I wouldn't discuss it with anyone I refused to show my progress stating it wasn't ready. Finally when I had it perfect I presented it and what I spent 3 weeks on achieving perfection, took 3 minutes to prove it wouldn't work. OK, lesson learned.

Fear is the Enemy

Posts are a work in progress, many get updated, revised and sometimes re-written, but that's over time, when events, circumstances or advancements no longer make the original post relevant.

Don't let fear or insecurity make you spin your wheels. Don't over think or over work a post to the point that it no longer resembles your original purpose.

Even worse don't pedal that stationary bike for so long that you completely loose interest and rob the rest of us from the experience we might have reading your work.

Make Everyday Count!

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larryf20865 Premium
Thanks Shawn
But I'll still be spinning my wheels, LOL!!
Plan, organize and exacute.
Something I don't do but must try someday.
Thanks for the post.
Shawn-1 Premium
You're applying these principles by doing videos. Even when you weren't happy with them you put them out there and people liked them. Good job Larry.

larryf20865 Premium
Thanks, Shawn
Very cool for you to say.
Will be working on a capo and slide bar next.
Will let you know how it goes.

Shawn-1 Premium
Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.

Have a great day - Shawn
dunbar Premium
everything counts when you first start off and thanks so much for making the effort all the best Helen
Larry_T Premium
Very good words of wisdom.
danbarth87 Premium
Great post! Make EVERY day count!