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The Perfect PostHow many of us have spent days, even weeks trying to compose the perfect post, show of hands? Oh right we cant see each other....but you know who you are. Trying to compose the perfect post is like getting on a stationary bicycle, you'll spin your wheels and you won't get anywhere.Write With a PurposeWhen first composing a post we should ask ourselves what is the purpose of the post? Are we trying to influence the reader, get them to take action, or increase their awareness/knowl
"How much money can I earn with WA?" If you've spent even a few hours in the live chat feed, you've heard that question over a dozen times in as many variations. It's the question almost no one who has 10-15 lessons or more under their belt wants to address. Asking in chat or anywhere else for that matter "How much money can I make with WA?", is like asking someone "How tall will I grow?" There are so many factors that determine your success with a website; how you'll work on your site, how mu
If you're wondering whether this internet business works or not, it most certainly does! Yesterday I had my first sale on Amazon. My site went live in late December of 2014, but I didn't have my Amazon affiliate until early-mid February. That means it took about a month for me to get my first sale. I had been struggling with how to promote Amazon without taking away from the feel and look of my website. I have product reviews linking to Amazon pages and certain photos in my posts link to Amazon
A sane person would never start a business and then leave it for a month, or would they? The awesome power of the internet makes it possible to take your business with you, but you all knew that right? So what's my point? Well, I have come across several community members via chat that are upset because they feel that because of circumstances, they can't continue with the program. The laws that abide a brick and mortar business do not pertain the internet and it's wonderful virtual world. For
I just can't believe how I've come so far so fast. I'm on the first page of Google right under FEMA and in other searches I hold 5 of the spots on the first page. Nebraska's OEM is sharing my content AND I am averaging 64 session a day, not bad for 4 week old site? I just began my Amazon affiliate and I am sure I will be seeing sales shortly I have a greater than 40% return rate on visitors and they are leaving unsolicited comments. If you are new to WA (newer than me) and wondering if all-of-t
Comfort, is a word that can describe a favorite pair of jeans, or that one special spot on the sofa. Conditioning explains how a professional athlete is at the top of his/her game each and every time. Comfort and change two seemingly positive words, yet both have the potential to inhibit change. Fear Is The Fall Guy Fear always take the wrap for failure to change and I understand that change can be terrifying, but people don't avoid change out of fear. Fear is a symptom, not the root cause. I w
January 13, 2015
It has barely been 3 weeks since I joined WA and I have been thrilled with the experience. I have built a website that continues to grow, getting better and better every day. I have linked social media accounts to my site and begun to see traffic and gain followers. And that's not including the content I have been pumping out and getting positive feedback on. The next step is to apply be an Amazon affiliate and start earning while I continue learning all the lessons available here at WA. The co
January 01, 2015
Think back to your youth, for many there have been something that you were very accomplished at doing. Maybe you displayed athleticism, or exceptional organizational skills, or you may have been a natural leader, or had a knack for repairs. Whatever your talent was, and whether you were aware of it at the time, that was your Brand. People associated you with a particular skill set. A Brand simply put is a reputation and there are three basic components to building your Brand. Be Consistent Your
December 31, 2014
I saw an interesting news segment today on E Athletes. Apparently there is a new culture of on-line role playing gamers; I know, that's nothing new, but an accredited United State's college awarding 30 of these individuals full athletic scholarships certainly is. A Georgia University with a booming athletic program has recruited the top 30 US e athletes in the country to play RPGs, which makes me wonder if I should've let my boys play more video games instead of taking them to the park. All kid
December 28, 2014
It's that time of year where the past weeks and months become a time for reflection and personal evaluation and the near and unknown future presents new exciting opportunities for us to achieve success. Each year I take these next few days to take a constructive, but critical look at myself; as a professional, a father, a husband and as a person. Be honest with yourself no one is perfect and everyone has examples of when they wished they could go back in time and have a do-over. Be constructive