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Can I screenshot other peoples user reviews?

Can I screenshot other peoples user reviews?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I'm not talking about full blog post reviews from other people. I mean product reviews from amazon or ripoffreport.com or bbb.org....

can i screenshot those and include

I agree with Marc regarding Amazon. No.

RipOff Report. I would say NO. According to its terms of service, it does not investigate, confirm or corroborate the accuracy of submissions that it approves for publication. This means the content is at risk of containing defamatory material. You could refer your readers to the Ripoff site and let them draw their own conclusions about it.

BBB. I would say No if your website is for a money making business.

The terms of services on the BBB org website states the content can only be used for personal, non-commercial use. Further, the BBB does not allow hyperlinks for work at home opportunities.


Thank you for that.

Jude, would it be the same rules for screenshotting the homepage of a website?

For example, If I'm talking about Amazon in a blog post, their affiliate program perhaps, can I not screenshot their homepage and link to it?

Does no screenshot rule apply to every site? Like Clickbank, ShareASale?


I would always avoid taking screenshots from sites such as Amazon because of copyright.

Gotcha, thank you.

No, do not use information from Amazon. If you need reviews, you can ask from the WA community under the website ICON on the left. Marc.

Yeah, I guess that would be an alternative, thank you for the input.

Hi there, and welcome, but I wish I could answer and help you, but I have not had the need to ask this question, but ask on the Live chat, and someone can assist you.

Welcome to WA, and I hope you achieve what you are looking for here.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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My images are ranking separately in google, is this normal?

My images are ranking separately in google, is this normal?

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Search Engine Optimization

Basically, I did a "Site:website.com" to see what pages of my website is ranked.

I then saw some of my images that I used for posts are ranked individually. When I click

Tried to go to your link but it would not open. That's different -- I don't know that my images have ever been ranked.

Thank you for posting this question, Shaun!
I didn't notice indexing images yet. I'm pretty sure there is nothing on the sitemap. I will check it when I published my new post today.
Thank you for sharing.
Aloha, Jenna

Indexed images can bring traffic juicy to your site. Good sign.

Yes it is normal.

This is a great question. I have noticed this too. I am interested to learn what the answer is.

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How do I get double spacing between wordpress subheadings?

How do I get double spacing between wordpress subheadings?

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Everything Wordpress

This is something that bugged me for a few days now. Hope someone can make this clear for me.

In my Wordpress blogs, between the paragraphs and the next subheading, I li

(1) Would adding code multiple times for each blog post and every blog post I create will harm my SEO?
Ans: I don't think adding space or adding some code will harm SEO ranking. It's perfectly normal to add   in coding.

(2) If it's not harmful if I change the Wordpress theme, will I have to re-add all the custom HTML codes that I've added to the new theme?
Ans: No you won't lose the custom HTML codes that you added inside wordpress editor.

(3) Is there a better or efficient way to achieve what I want?
My question for you is, why do you need a double space? I would actually add a CSS code targeting all headings to have more padding in order to create a bigger space. If you can send me the screenshot or website link, I can help you with the code.

I like the look of it. I like my content separated between each subheading.

Would adding a CSS code carry over if I change themes?

When you say CSS code, Is it shortcodes? I have a bunch of those on my website

Hopefully, these 2 images show with and without the   code.

You will need to add custom CSS code in your new theme.

However, since every theme has different designs, i.e. different spacing with headers, you might not need to even add this tweak in your next template.

you can try something like this, which adds a spacing of 25px (height) on top of the headline.

I'm assuming that you're using H2 on your headline. Otherwise, you can change it to H1, H2, H3 or H4 accordingly.

Winnie, It worked! Thank you so much. Sorry, it took a few days to reply to you. I only got on WA today.

Just 1 last question, If I want to add H2 or H3 or H4 to the above code, do I do this?

margin-top: 25px;

Is that right?

Yes, you're picking this up real quick 😊

Awesome, Thank you Winnie

You're welcome :)

Thank you for the CSS padding code. It's what I was looking for.


You're welcome David.

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Where do you recommend putting the optin form?

Where do you recommend putting the optin form?

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Email Marketing

I know some have it in the side bar, some have it as a pop up when you visit a website, some in a page of the website. What is the most effective strategy you guys use?

A separate squeeze page works sometimes. The answer is split test it for you. See what works best with your readers and your niche.

true that, rather try and direct your website traffic to your conversion page / squeeze

Hm.. I haven't done a split test before. I guess its time I did it. Thanks for the input.

Shaun - eventually you should split test everything because that way you can tweak your sales funnel to be be the best converting funnel it can be, ie more profits no without more sales. On top of that more sales is great but also with the increased profits.

Most effective straggly is linking text to your optin option, try to stay away from banner ad's, if you really want to use them, maybe a small one one the side.


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