Went to yearly premium member

Last Update: Nov 3, 2016


I just went yearly premium. I have been having a bit of a hard time but being at Wealthy Affiliate is the highlight of my day and I wanted to make sure I stayed around long enough to hit the success I know is there. So commitment for a year and by then it will cake and ice cream of course. Let's party dance---whoo-hoo!

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Congratulations Shary! I'm hoping to go yearly soon as well! Hope you have lots of success!


Great Decision .. Well Done! Cheers, William

Good move . Vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake please.

Absolutely and I will have chocolate ice cream and yellow cake with chocolate frosting ....and sprinkles. ♥ the sprinkles!

You have made the best decision to go Premium.

Joining you in that dance Shary. Lets rock on together!

Mine has to be chair dancing some days but rock on we will.

LOL Chair dancing...I hear that!

Great move.

You made the best decision for YOU that could be made! Watch the flow of information bust open wide and enjoy the benefits of being Premium!

I congratulate you on going yearly. You will have less time to worry about the fees and more time to concentrate on your online business, which is what its all about.

Congratulations! Best of wishes for a successful year. Going yearly was a great choice.

Great move! It shows you're serious about success!

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