Little victories need to be celebrated too.

Last Update: Oct 4, 2016


I just moved my sub website to the new .com I bought and it worked out just fine. WA is even more awesome than I had thought all along. I hit the button and it did it all the first time and no problems. A wonderful feeling. Many computer things do not work out for me the first time so this was a Happy Dance time. A sit in the chair, careful Happy Dance but one non-the-less. I hurt my left arm in a fall a month ago and now have to get Physical Therapy for it. Today it is very sore! Not to mention I am right handed but since my right arm has problems of its own and an elbow that just hurts a lot, I do a lot of stuff with my left hand....way more than I ever thought. Computer time can be a challenge all on its own. So sing along with me and do a small Happy Dance of your own.....we can all do this!

Recent Comments


happy you got what you want so easy.

All the best :)

A celebration and motivation rolled I intro one I hope you find right Shary.

I celebrate with you shashe! Continue to move from victory to victory!

Keep up the great work and motivation.

HI there, Shary, I really like your spirit; many people including me, could take a page from your book. Thanks for sharing; I think you're right.

How nice....thank you! s

You're welcome, Shary. Thanks.

Any success along our journey should be celebrated!

Celebrating little victories will come along the big one. Congratulations for every little thing coming its way.

Congratulations, Shary!! That's a great accomplishment worth celebrating! :)

Awesome, we can all do this!

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