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I can't get my BF banners to work. I put them in in text mode but still nothing. I am going out of town today to a funeral and will not have much time left to work on them. I will be back tonight but I have already tried everything I know and it has not worked. Not that I know a ton and I should have asked yesterday when I could not get it. Hope springs eternal and I am too stubborn. Thanks for any help.

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If you are looking to add HTML or embed code into your website, you copy this into the Text tab when within your page or post editor (not the default visual tab).

If you want an overview of how to do this, then I would suggest you check out my tutorial on how to use the editor. Do not that quite often after you add the HTML, it will not actually show up until you "Publish" your content.

I understand, I'm frustrated also.

Is it resolved for you yet Shary?

Grab or snip the banner. Add it through the media function on your site manager. Type a line of text below the banner and add the BF link to the line of text through that line function in site manager. It would be good to add color to the linked text and underline it so people will know to click on it. That will get people to the BF ads until you can get the banner problem fixed.

Jim, that is a terrific idea. I might even be up to doing that today. I was just too tired when I got back home and not much in the mood. I will give that a try. Thank you! s

You're welcome.

Until you get it resolved, you could put a clickable text link below the banner.

Thanks, Deborah. s

What looks hard today won't be next time when you managed to pass through it. Technical stuffs can be challenging at first when building a website. But once you've done it once it will seems less and less challenging as you go.

I remember the first time I saw a Wordpress dashboard. I was totally loss. Didn't know what to do with it at all. Now I know my way around a lot more.

Thanks, Guy. I know what you mean and most times it helps but this time it was/or is too frustrating. s

Shashe, The first four banners are supposed to work OK without doing anything extra. I just put the 700X 200 in my sidebar and it shrunk down to fit the space ok. Thank you for asking this question because it made me realize I hadn't put banner in sidebar.

Thanks, I went back and tried that just before I had to leave. I got back last night too tired to mess with it. But it did not work for me either. s

Frustrated, too! My banner and link are not working properly, too... and I couldn't submit a ticket, could write only via contact form... Hope you are able to clear this!

Yep, I would try support :)

Try contacting support or ask in the live chat sometimes Kyle in on there to answer question. I hope it works out

Thanks, Tony! s

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