It's Hard to Beat a Person Who Never Gives Up.

Last Update: March 27, 2019

George Herman Ruth, he said repeatedly, "it's hard to beat a person who never gives up".

Those words hold a hard truth to them. The words 'NEVER GIVE UP' they apply to all of mankind.

I remember when I was learning how to swim. I was about 13 years old. A few friends and I had decided to go camping at Mt Larson, California.

There was four of us on this camping trip. 5 if you count the adult that was responsible for us kids.

We choose a nice camping ground about half a mile up the river near a waterfall. By agreement, we all thought it would be a cool idea to jump off the bridge and into the river. We could swim back to the side of the river shore, climb up the hill and jump in again, all day!

I was the only one in the group that had never been in water deeper than a bathtub. And only I knew, I could not swim. No one ever asks me, and I didn't tell.

The adult in charge jumps in first.

It looked daring and was the first time I have seen a real live person jump off a perfectly good bridge; only in the movies.

I watch as he jumped so that I would know what to do when it was my turn. He screamed until hitting the waters as he free fell down. Like magic he just disappeared, only to pop up a few seconds later, but further downstream.

I wasn't going to be the next to jump.

James, Theo, and I forget that other kid's name, but they made it look so easy. If they can do this, so can I.

I climb over the bridge guardrail and Instantly, I felt uncomfortable. My knees were wobbly, And only I knew.

Jump, jump, jump, they all screamed at me repeatedly. With my eyes closed, I let go. Oh, so, cold.

When my butt hit that water, I had frozen and the falls were getting so close. Oh, the power of the water SWIM! FALL! ARM! Was all I could hear as I bobbed up and down in the water like a fishing lure.

I can't quite remember all the details of what happened next, but I know one thing, no one was brave enough to jump in to save me that close to the waterfalls.

And I kiss the ground that God made when I got back to shore. I'm here to tell the story, so I never gave up and I'm a really good swimmer.

Never Give Up.

Maybe one day I will tell you the story about how I learn how to Water Ski.

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lynnsam61 Premium
Great story. Not being afraid of failure is key to succeeding at anything. Glad it had a happy ending for you, I was a little worried there for a minute!

seconds2work Premium
Thank you, Eric.
Hudson Premium
Great tale, love the emotion in it. The message is also very powerful, thanks.
seconds2work Premium
Thank you for visiting and getting it.
Twack Premium
Cool story, certainly got thrown in the deep end,so to speak. A great moral to be had here. Thank you.
seconds2work Premium
Thank you for the comment,

Sometimes we can be in waters way over our head, those that give up will drown, but the kickers and those who use their ARMS will pull themselves back for sure.
Twack Premium
You're welcome and what you say is very true.
Babou3 Premium
Great mindset!
An astonishing true story!
Somteimes we have to call on unknown
forces to get there and you did it very well.

Have a nice day!
seconds2work Premium
Thank you Ingrid, yes we do
Vickic3 Premium
Always believe in yourself and NEVER GIVE UP
Awesome post
seconds2work Premium
Thank you Vickic