It Is Proof of Concept My Wealthy Affiliate Progress

Last Update: March 23, 2018

How is my Wealthy Affiliate family doing these days? I sure it's safe to say we all have been working diligently on building our Internet company. I just wanted to share my Wealthy Affiliate progress with you. It's my proof of concept that my business is working,

It's Proof of Concept

Where should I start, in the beginning? No, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to go back quite that far. Is a year to far back to take you on my business adventure?

"shiny object syndrome."

Sometime about a year ago (2017) I got struck by the "shiny object syndrome."
If you're not sure what that means, let me tell you what happened to me, then maybe you'll understand.

It Starts Off Simple

As I was saying, about a year ago I was doing my regular monthly maintenance on my website. I had read somewhere that if you don't keep up on making scheduled updates and performance check, your site will rank poorly in the search engines. And I would never make any internet sales.

It all started off simple. All I had to do was go into the back office of my WordPress website and optimize one image. Not a hard task at all to complete if you stay focus. I searched Wealthy Affiliate library database to tap into its mass amount of knowledge.

POPED, right smake in the middle of my head by SOS 'Shiney Object Syndrome!'

  • How to use Filezilla to organize your website files.
  • 7 Ways to Increase Your Web Presence In Google Search Engine
  • 100 Amazing Tips Drives Traffic to Your Website.
  • One Billion Way You Can Get Distracted Looking for The Solution to Your Website Image Problems.

It More Critical Than You Can Imagine

I'm going to tell you what some of the symptoms are for S.O.S., just in case you find it coming your way. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid it.

As I said, it started off innocent. I didn't find what I was looking for in the WA database because I got side track; So I went off site to Google, Bing, Yahooooooo. The shiny object Syndrome camouflages its self as help. What was I looking for again?

It offers to show me how to fix any website issues I may face. But, Do Not Be Fooled. It that thing you see in a dry desert when you badly need water.

There I was typing in search term faster than Superman flew around the Earth backward to make time reverse, to prevent the earthquake. It was like my imaging problem never existed. My head started to ache.

I surfed from page to page, performing one search after another with plenty of opportunities to make my escape.

It must have gone on for a day, no it was months. I have to be honest with myself; I can't quite remember because it got a little blurry. Sparky had a hold on me, with no intention of letting go.

The First Escape Attempt

The only purpose of Bright Eyes is to make you take your focus off your primary goal. Mine was to fix an image. Yours may be different, but the results are always the same.

Is the picture getting clearer?

Learn to code_there was a pause, a brief interruption in my research. The power must have gone out or something of the sort. Or maybe I had just woken up from sleep typing. Either way, I was off to learn to code.

Silent Like A Sleeping Volcano

There I was months has gone by with no sign or symptoms of the dreaded beast; glistening.

I was comfortably learning HTML from home; Yes, in my pajamas. I had completed my course and training and moved forward to achieving CSS knowledge. My progress was flowing along rather smoothly. A little to smooth.

By the time I had finished my CSS I was already looking ahead to my next topic; Python. That may have been the spoon that stirred the pot, now that I think back on it.

I was struck again by what I would have to describe as a shiny bright force of light. I thought it was an idea. Oh, my dear readers was I fooled.

It was the returning of the MONSTER, and it was ready to feed. I tried to make myself look scarce by turning off the computer for a while. But an addict always returns for a fix.

It had awakened like a volcano that's laid dominate for thousands of years, no millions. It snatched me up and absorbed me up into it pyrophoric grips, igniting every never that God put in my soul.

My Great Escape

I thought I was free of it hypnotic ways it had over me. Sunshines mesmerizing behavior had me taking a trip down the Search Engine Optimization White Hat rabbit hole; My options were white or black hat SEO.

But I hadn't finished my Python training yet. Oh no here we go again, I could feel it coming: JavaScript, PHP, JSON, WordPress Theme Creation, SEO Copywriting, and Content Creation. I was spinning out of control. Infomation overload.

Hit the reset button!!!


I spurned me so fast that it spit me out like a shop vac when you hit the switch to blow, instead of suck.

Before Luminance would let me escape from his Humorous place, I had to finish what was on my plate. It was my ticket to the bank. I'm telling Shiny thanks.

You Don't Know What You Know Until You Learn What You Didn't Know is that how the saying goes.

Well, my WA friends and family, so here we are up to date (March 23, 2018, 8:40pm USA). I made my grand escape at least for now. I learned how to become a web developer, not just a designer. I think getting hit by shiny object syndrome may have done me some good. I finished it off with learning how to communicate. I mean to write. No, really.

I Mean To Write, how am I doing?

LeNard Simmons
Wealthy Affiliate Proof of Concept ~ my progress
Comments and sharing welcomed.

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JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi LeNard, So enjoyed your post. Very entertaining but thought provoking too. It is so easy to get sucked into things along the way but also such a learning curve, as the saying goes. Well done.
seconds2work Premium
Thank you for the comments. Most of all, thank you, Jill, for the engagement.

We may all get struck by shiny objects, but it's what we do with the information that counts.

Thank you and God bless.

Memorylaneuk Premium
Shiny object syndrome gets us all and usually when we are researching something for a post. Before we know it we are off down that rabbit hole and totally off track.
However it sounds like you have learnt a great deal.
Hope you can share the useful stuff in some trainings.
With Grace and Gratitude
seconds2work Premium
I would love to create a new training. What are you interested in learning more about?

Thanks for encouraging, God bless
Memorylaneuk Premium
As I know very little about the technical part of websites, anything would be useful. I guess anything that helps me improve my site.
With Grace and Gratitude
Chrisie1 Premium
I understand that syndrome ;-)

It comes and goes. However, my syndrome flares up when I need plugins.

I understand quite well what you're going through. We will make it pass the 'kicks and whistles'. You did the best thing.

Acknowledging the problem and fix it.
Great job :-)
seconds2work Premium
Reach out to me by PM, Let's make a trade. I give you a free service in return for your testimony. We can keep it simple.

God bless

EdwardLarry Premium
Your writing takes me back when I had a domain name and a niche Waiting for the next thing to learn, Now I have three websites, And yes I have the SOS what plugins I need

For compressed Images where do I go for to Test the speed on my site, Well you said A web Developer, And learning code I did my first H1 and now I want to learn H2, H3 Thank you for your writing. Any suggestions
seconds2work Premium
Hi, Edward
thanks, for reading and asking questions.

Here is why you would use the H1-H6 HTML Heading tags.

H1 is the most critical information on that post, it usually used as the title, and there could only be one h1 tag on a page.

H2, utilize this tag when you want the reader or search engine to understand this section is just as essential and support this document. You can use h2 as many times on a page as you want. Best to be used with your primary or related keyword you are targeting. Think SEO

H3, I use this when the topic doesn't directly relate to my main subject. But maybe indirectly related. No limit as to how many you use on a page.

H4, good for sidebars or not relevant section, not related to the topic

H5 - h6 I would say use in footers; I never used. The print is way to small to read.

Avoid the speed traps...

You can't fix a problem if you don't know where to look? Don't get consumed by Shiny Objects, but you should start here with some site speed rules. (How to Avoid the Site Speed Trap)

I like this page because it gives me the solution on how to fix any problems it fines. Do you want to see an overall view of your site speed? There are lots of things that could affect your website speed. If you wanted to check your site speed to see what is slowing it down, you could use this great little tool.

Here is an image compression tool I believe is going to be the top choice in 2018, this company has been working hard and perfecting this app. Try it out.

Using The Plugin try this one

With or without a plugin.

Hit me by PM if you need more info on this topic.

Thanks Edward, God bless
EdwardLarry Premium
Thank you for your reply, I think writing out the code is difficult like here is on I put together
Armlemt Premium
What a journey!