My first $450+ a month: May, an ups and downs month

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Hi, WAers.

Just want to stop by and share my little progress.

May 2020: An ups and downs times for me

The month of May has been of ups and downs time for me.
I was sharing with you what happened to my business in terms of traffic in this post.
After all, I realized with some of the comments I received that it was due to Google update.
In this case, I'm not alone. WA' members are not alone. Most businesses has been affected by this update. Up to us to keep our website's healthy.

So on the one hand my organic traffic has decreased and drastically (from 2K to about 200 visitors a day). I am trying to where I was before this update as well. A look at my search console data shows a good trend. From about 200 visitors a day I shared previously, my website got 500 - 600 visitors a day right now.

But on the other hand, my monthly income has increased to a level that I didn't think I would get there so soon.

I made $458.5 in my 11th month of blogging

That's basically what I can say about my business for the month of May:
Wealthy Affiliate starter members: 128 with 39 accounts set up.
Monthly subcription: 4 ($32)
Yearly subscription: 2 including 1 Black Friday sale. Which makes me $227 + $123 I talked about here.
Recurring sale:3 ($71.5)
Domain sales: 4 ($4)
Conversion rate: 4%
Total income: $457.5

As for the number of traffic for the month of May, Google Search Console made my task
easier. This is what I got according to GSC:

number of clicks: 21k+ out of 685k impressions.

I received 294 links click from my YouTube channel.
I know that those who know me very well are surprised to know that I have a YouTube channel because I can't express myself very well in English.Yeah
But incredibly I do, and this channel has generated over 40 leads and 2 premium sign ups.
Unfortunately, I don't know exactly when this happened. It was while trying to make this report that I realized I made 2 sales so far.

A beginner advising beginners

My advice to beginners like me:

1. Do the work first and money will follow

I am lazy but I want money fast. This is you?

Do the work and have be realist.

I found people with these search terms:

  • I want money fast
  • How to make money fast.

My question, is there a way to make money fast?


You'll agree with me that those who are making money online didn't get there by sleeping on their beds. They worked hard to get there.

What I noticed many of those who are successful post on their website daily. They promote their business.

Just to name some of them:

So needless to invite you to put yourself into work if till now you folded your arms and waited for a miracle that will never happen.
It's only in the dictionary that MONEY comes before WORK.

I don't say you need to post on your website each day to make money with your business. I don't post each day.

What I am pointing out here is that you need to work the work first.

2. Be persistent and patient

I am working hard but any results yet. This is you?
You will have to continue your hard work and keep up your patience. It is not the time to give up. Your success is one step away, maybe. Take one more step and if you don't get what you want, take one more step again and then take one again and again.... If you give up you failed. But if you still move forward, you are on your way to success...

According to legend, Thomas Edison made 9999 attempts before succeeding in his invention of the electric lamp on the ten thousandth try.
And if I'm not mistaken when asked about this great number of failures, he said he found 9999 ways not to invent the electric lamp. Notice he's not talking about failures.

How many methods have you tried in your business? SEO? Social media marketing? PPC campaigns?
Okay... And still not having results? Change your strategy!

Track your campaigns, test, test and test and find what performs better for your business and tick on it instead of wasting your energy here and there.
Facebook works for some, YouTube and Pinterest for others.

Another thing I would like you to know is that: the way you think affects your business. I don't know anything about personal development, but the gurus in the field will agree that the spirit in which you do things affects the way you do it and therefore it will affect the results you get.
If you have any doubts about what you are doing tell me how you can invest 100% in it.
If you have any doubts about what you are getting as an education here, tell me how you can apply it 100%.
When you write your post, with what spirit do you write it? In the spirit that someone is going to read it one day via search engines?
If it's in that spirit, I'm sure you'll do your best to write a great post that deserves to be ranked on search engines.Right?
And doing so will certainly speed your ranking too.

3. Have faith
I am a starter member; I thought this platform is a scam and training is outdated. This is you?

You are mistaken.
If WA was a scam, a long time ago it disappeared.
WA training is outdated and doesn't work as some of our competitors say loudly on the net.
I agree with you that some parts of the core training needs to be updated. But this is not a reason to justify these claims.
WA training is not limited to the core training (OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp). What about the weekly webinars? Are they also outdated?

And members' trainings. Are all outdated?
The proof is that it is the same training that many (including myself) have taken to build our businesses. And many of them have tangible results.

If this was the case, it would be the ones that have been here for 10, 5 years so far who should be the ones who are successful.

Not the newcomers. Right?

Don't take my word for that, go here.

Your thoughts or the way to think, how and when you act is what often makes the difference.

Wishing you much success.


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Thanks for sharing Sebastian. WELL DONE ! Hard work pays off. ALWAYS!

You are welcome.
Thank you.

This is an excellent post and thanks you for sharing.

You are welcome.

My pleasure.

Great post, Sebastian. Thank you for sharing.
New members like me have to learn a lot from someone who works really hard like you. 😀
Congrats on your accomplishment!

You are welcome.
I am still learning. There are people who are hard workers than me though. Wishing you much success.

Well done, Sebastian. Wishing you continued and much deserved success!
Rich :-)

Thank you and all the best to you too.

thats cool

Thank you for reading and much success to you.

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