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Hello all my WA friends.This is a short post in which I want just to share a new accomplishment in my journey.One of my affiliate partnerrs an a contest. I was doubtful do taking the contest. But two days after the contest was launched, I decided to participate.Today, I am surprised to receive a message from the company announcing that I am one of the winners of this contest.I'm not so excited about the amount of money I've earned as a result of the contest. It is the fact that I am one of the
Hi, WA familly.Hope you are all doing great.I'm just faced with a situation I don't have complete confidence in: proof of fulfillmentAfter I got payments from some of my affiliate programs, I got this message from Paypal just after their congrats messages: "We need some information from you.Why do we need this information?We noticed some significant changes to your account activity. We require some information from you to understand this kind of account activity better.We've also temporarily
Hi, WAers.Just want to stop by and share my little progress.May 2020: An ups and downs times for meThe month of May has been of ups and downs time for me.I was sharing with you what happened to my business in terms of traffic in this post.After all, I realized with some of the comments I received that it was due to Google update.In this case, I'm not alone. WA' members are not alone. Most businesses has been affected by this update. Up to us to keep our website's healthy.So on the one hand my o
Hi, WAers,I just want to stop by and share with you a small accomplishment that happened in my blogging journey.First $100+ a dayDuring the black friday I did a black friday sale + a first month subscription - all on the same day. That made me $133.First $200+ a day Then something more exciting happened: a first month subscription + a yearly upgrade. That made a total of $235 on the same day.I didn't think such a thing could happen in a short moment in my blogging journey.But now it's happened
Hello WAers.A bad new but it worth sharing...Everything has its time: there is a time to laugh and a time to weep.And that time is really hard for me.Because at the moment when my site started to attract more and more visitors something terrible happened and I pay for it.See it yourself....And what caused this?Many factors that can cause this:A drop in interest in a given subject.Duplicating contentGiving up creating great content or not creating at allBad backlinks and spamming, etc.A drop in
Hi Wealthy Affiliate family and you my friends.I will begin by saying that this week of March was a week of some accomplishments for me. Even if they are small accomplishments, it's worth stopping, celebrating them and continuing the adventure. It's always the step 1 + the step 2 + the step 3 and so on that brings us to a distance of 1000 miles if we don't stop.The first steps, we all did it. Wheter you have your business rolling or not,wheter you are at the midle of reaching your 1000 miles (y
Hello, WAers.Today I just want to stop by and share my new progress.I don't like to write too much (even if I have a blog lol). I like to read to be honest;But I thought this post could motivate, give or give again courage to someone here. So it's worth me to stop by and share this with you. I am gracefulBut before I show you my "small" accomplishment, allow me to thank the founders of WA (Kyle & Carson) and all of you in the community for all the support.You are amazing.You've given me co
What happened on JanuaryI got my first message from Google console about my site performence on January 3, 2020. At this time I just got only 64 cliks and 1.84 impression from Google search in the month of January.This is the result I got from Google search engine on a month basis since my website lunch (July 2019). I was a little disappointed.The next month - February But as you know, there's no point to adjusting the aim. I preferred to adjust my strategy.Before my focus was on publishing re
The title of the post may seem meaningless but the "knower" knows.Those who are in the make money online niche and have the goal to be vegas 2021 understand this!3 numbers out, but almost 2 month out (updated)I just want to say that with God's help, I made 2 Wealthy Affiliate sales. And as they say little by little, the bird makes its nest!297 to go, it's still a long way to go! (updated) Right?But I'm still convinced it's possible!! If I can 1, I can make 2 - 10 - 300!If I can make 1 - 2 - 1
Hi folks,I hope you are fine!!Today I have 2 announcements, but let's start with the newest!!I made my first WA saleI have been here at WA as a premium member for 6 months so far. To be more specific, I received my 6-month premium badge on January 6th.6 months to the day, I am hustling between my day job and my side hustle, looking forward to a day like this one!!The day is there - I made my first WA sale!I was at my office working and wanted to log in to my WA account to post an article on my