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Last Update: May 25, 2020

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Hi, WAers,

I just want to stop by and share with you a small accomplishment that happened in my blogging journey.

First $100+ a day

During the black friday I did a black friday sale + a first month subscription - all on the same day. That made me $133.

First $200+ a day

Then something more exciting happened: a first month subscription + a yearly upgrade. That made a total of $235 on the same day.

I didn't think such a thing could happen in a short moment in my blogging journey.
But now it's happened and it gives me even more confidence.

As I said in one of my first sale post, if I am able to make 1 sale, I am able to make 2 - 10 - 300 sales.

And if I can make $100+ a day, 200+ a day, I can make $1000 a day. These are all things that I'm sure are going to happen. I don't know when, but it probably will as long as I will persevere.

Take note...

No matter what level you're at right now, 1 or 0 sale, it doesn't matter, just know that you can do that 100, 200, $1000+ a day. It's a matter of time and the gateway is patience.

I don't know when, but I know how. By taking the training offered here and working and persevering.

Every business we start is like a seed we sow, it must be watered and nurtured before we can expect reaping the fruit.

I did not get to this level because I am smarter than you and more hard-working than you.

The truth, we are embarking on a different journey where everyone will encounter different realities from each other.But we will land in one destination: the "land of our dreams" as long as we persevere.

I meet some people here, and I even had referrals here and after 1, 2 months I don't see them anymore.

Let me tell you that affiliate marketing/blogging is not a get quick scheme.
There is no shortcut to success. If it's such a shortcut that you're looking for here, I don't think you're in the right place.

The question I'm asking you is, would I be here if I'd given up my first month?
Would I be here if I gave up when I was 2 or 3 first months?
WA even wouldn't exist till now if Kyle & Carson gave up in their first month or first year. Right?
Just to say, PATIENCE is KEY.

To your success!


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Thank you Sebastian,
It is great to hear about your success and the fact that with hard work and patience it really can happen.
I am so pleased that you have shared this article as it has definitely given me hope as I did give up when I first joined and never went any further. Now I have come back and 2 months into my premium membership I am really enjoying the journey and hopefully in time success will happen.

Thank you for sharing.

You are welcome.
Glad to hear. Thank you and much success in your journey.

Congrats on your sales Sebastian. I'm very happy for you. It shows that the training here works!

And you're so right! It's just a matter of time until we see success. We know HOW to get there, but it's just the time factor, the WHEN, that we don't know about.

However, what I do is always think of myself on bridge. We are on this journey walking on the other bridge, trying to get to the other side. We just can't see the other side yet.

But if we keep moving in the right direction, we will eventually see it and even be there. We just have to keep moving and working hard because if we stop, we won't ever get there, right?

Wishing you many more sales and many more zeros to those number.


Thank you Reyhana,

That is so true. I will keep going and moving forward.

Reyhana, Amen....I got it. Many more zeros to those numbers.
I agree with you. Persistence is also key.
Much success to you too.

Lol.. :) Absolutely!

And thank you!

Congrats Sebastian on this amazing accomplishment! :)

I agree that in order to succeed all it takes is following the training here at WA, working consistently, and having patience.

If you can do these three things then you'll succeed.

It may not be tomorrow, next month, or even this year -- but it WILL happen if you keep at it. :)

I look forward to hearing how your business grows in the coming years -- keep up the good work. :)

Absolutely. Thank you for stopping by.

Congratulations on your new found confidence as well as your determination for succeeding in your online dream.

I often share I am a newbie to help others newbies that read the comment(s) questioning if they've made a correct decision joining WA.

Idk if it help others (newbies over time) to see & read the daily accounts of others striving to get their online business to the level they may have envisioned for success.

However. I always benefit just as much .. learning what it'll take being here thru the community, meanwhile enough said, I am now following you on your journey.

Thanks for sharing here with us some of your keys to success!

All the best,

You are welcome. Glad to hear.
Will follow back, WaltM.

Congratulations 🎊

Thank you!

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