Content stealing issue: from 2K+ organic visitors a day to 200 (save your business)

Last Update: May 17, 2020

Hello WAers.

A bad new but it worth sharing...

Everything has its time: there is a time to laugh and a time to weep.
And that time is really hard for me.
Because at the moment when my site started to attract more and more visitors something terrible happened and I pay for it.
See it yourself....

And what caused this?

Many factors that can cause this:

  • A drop in interest in a given subject.
  • Duplicating content
  • Giving up creating great content or not creating at all
  • Bad backlinks and spamming, etc.
  • A drop in interest in a given subject.

More than 10 days ago I was looking for the cause of what could cause such a sudden change in my website traffic.
And I think I found the answer:

Content stealing and the bad way

I published an article on March 26, 2020 and this post was the post that attracted me more visitors.

Then on April 06, 2020 someone copied my content and published his blog without any modification.

You are going to tell me but copying content cannot cause that.

Exactly, but let me show you what the lazy man did

This ecreenshot below is my content with an internel link:

This is the copied content with the same text anchor and the link back to my site.

As you can see in the picture. It seems that this guy/gay pasted the content directly into his site instead of using an intermediary tool like bloc note.
This is what the audit of my site shows me:

Do you think a backlink from a site like this one DA & PA score = 1 doesn't send a bad signal to Google?

Now my advice and help request

I know there is a way to prevent people from copying my content (for example by using a script). But to be honest I find it selfish because there are people who don't have the time to read the article but will copy it and read it later. Using a script will prevent people from doing that.

I need your advice. What can I do to avoid his troubles?
As for the one that did that, I will contact him and ask him to remove my website link from his post (and even the entire post).
If he doesn't do it in my time I will contact his web site hosting provider.

But about Google who may see me as someone engaged in a backlinks building scheme, what can I do?

Advice: 1. Do an audit of your site every week and don't wait to see something like this before taking action.

2. Protecting your content is not a great advice since I am not ready for that.

But if there's a better way, that's what I'm gonna do.

Thank you for reading and take care.


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    Defiant6 Premium
    I hate hearing about people's content being stolen/copied. As some others have said here, your best bet is to use a plugin to help prevent this kind of theft.

    I specifically use the WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design plugin. If you try to highlight text and right click on the mouse to copy, a message pops up that says "Don't Copy Text!".

    Hopefully this helps you or you find another method to try and prevent this in the future.
    Sebastian089 Premium
    This is a solution too. Thank you for sharing.
    YumaBloggers Premium Plus
    Report the scraper site to Google, and disavow the links from it to your site in Google Search Console. The act of stolen content won't hurt, it is the links from a scam site doing the damage. Google knows these people as scammers and spammers and has them blacklisted but that makes their links to your site TOXIC. Once you claim the stolen content and disavow the links you will see the traffic steadily increase again.

    Here is why everyone should tell you to duplicate content on another site is not necessarily a bad thing. News Sites all share the same stories often direct from the Associated Press with no editing by the thousands of posts a week. Likewise, your content you choose to release as a press release will never count negative and typically are not harmed with Article Directory submissions either. Syndication is one method Google uses to determine website authority.

    In the hands of a bad player like this site that hit you that beneficial tool can bite you but Google has policies set to use your time stamp, determine ownership and copyright, and give you credit for your works while telling itself not to count links from their site against you.
    leoemery Premium
    What are your thoughts on using a plugin to prevent content being stolen
    YumaBloggers Premium Plus
    It can help but also hurt and is a choice for each blogger. If you add it people will have to be so enamored with you or your content to manually quote it on their blogs and social profiles. That's a lot of missed branding and authority opportunities but if your blog is ultra-creative like a blog on book reviews or short stories you might be blessed to have creative control. I know it is a pain having to track down bad link partners but that's a fact of life in 2020 and for the forseeable future.
    leoemery Premium
    Thank you - it's unfortunate what happened to Sebastian. But I am still on the side of not using anything.

    The sad truth is there will always be thieves online - it's an unfortunate cost of doing business online.
    Sebastian089 Premium
    Thank you for your help. I did it.
    jvranjes Premium
    Only a part of the post was copied with a link to the original, this is nothing to what really happens to some people.
    LMH1968 Premium Plus
    Sorry this happened to you.
    Thank you Linda103 for advice about the plugin.
    Sebastian089 Premium
    You are welcome
    roamy Premium
    Sorry you have to go through this, I know how frustrating it can be.
    I think what the others have said is your best hope,add the no right-click plugin, it saves you from loads of pain.
    Sebastian089 Premium
    "All this shall pass". Thank you for stopping by.
    Linda103 Premium
    A plug in is what you need Sebastian. I got the advice from a blog on here and added it to my sites.
    Its a free WP plug in called "WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click"
    You can get it through the plug ins area on your site.
    Sebastian089 Premium
    OK. Thank you for your recommendation. I will think about it