62 WA referrals in a day - Read This!

Last Update: June 02, 2020

A lot of people join Wealthy Affiliate all the time.

Yesterday 62 real people joined through my links. Welcome to all of you! :)

But how many actually take action and get results?

One study showed that 91% of the people who buy online courses never finish the course and only 9% of the students actually finish through the course.

Let's say that 100 people start...

9 of them finish the course...

How many of those 9 people are actually going to apply what they learned in the course?

I guess that 1-3 people out of 100 finish the course and apply what they learned.

So now the big question to you:

Are you going to be one the many who join online courses and don't take action?


Are you going to be one of the few actually takes action and gets the results?

The choice is yours.

For anyone starting here, last week I created a following quick resource to help you to get results faster:

=> 5 Tips for Beginners to Get Started in Wealthy Affiliate

Read through that and make sure that you take action towards your dreams. (Soon I'll also publish a video version of that short training on my YouTube channel too.)

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Be one of the few who takes action" Kiuttu

PS. Another helpful resource that I always recommend for beginners is Loes guide below:

Ways to ask questions at Wealthy Affiliate

If you don't know something, make sure that you ASK. There are more than 2,000,000 people in this amazing community and you'll find help if you just ASK.

PPS. You can test this. Leave a question below this post and click "I need help from the community." I bet that for 100% sure someone will answer you.

I've heard that +90% of the questions in WA are answered in less than 5 minutes. That's powerful!

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Roybretton Premium
Good morning Roope,

I hope you're doing well.

What a very impressive headline Roope, 62 referrals in one day, that's amazing, well done!

I hear you regarding taking action, I believe the actual number of people taking action is extremely low. And even the people who do complete an online course or even a university degree, how many people actually use what they have learnt?

I like to think that I am an action taker, however, life does have many distractions! One thing is for sure, you are definitely much better off working for yourself, I have done this since 1983 and don't intend to change anything! However, there is still room for improvement in reaching goals and taking more action etc.

I agree with you Roope, the ask a question feature is a great feature, is exceptionally rare not to receive an answer.

Have a great day.

TheAdvisor Premium
Whoa- Great job there Roope!

I love reading these kinds of blogs just like the one's you publish because you provide testimony, along with valuable tips and practical tips of advice that serve for the purpose of helping those of us who are on the road to achieving the most of what we can-

so thank you you for sharing this cool achievement with us!
DBlanchard Premium
Hey Roope!

This is what I mean when I say "Bro I need to do what you are doing", you get in a day what I get in a month!

I know what to do, just a matter of putting everything together and publishing it online!

Following your example closely! 🙂
Wdcope Premium
Recently listening to several of your Youtube videos, I can see why you would get this amount of referrals. Activity begets results everytime. So many fail to give enough of the right activity to achieve this. The percentages never fail no matter what business we are in.
Selling insurance I knew to get 3 sales a week I needed to get 20 appointments. I was filling the pipe line each and every day, plus the closing each week. Once it started I never let up and was successful.
This business requires same dedication as any. Congrats on an awesome day!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Bill!
TDenise Premium
I completely agree Bill. Affiliate marketing is online sales.
GazBower Premium
62 referrals in one day is fantastic.
I realise that not all of them will become premium members, I believe Kyle estimates approx 12% so if you can achieve that by interaction with them, that's a great return.
It is a sad reality that a lot of them will back out when they see it takes time and work, but I believe they will not get a better opportunity to start a business and make some income for such a small outlay.

You know what they say Roope, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

I am in awe of the result you got today, so keep it up.

Best wishes
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Good points Gary!