Refresher: Archives Widget Settings

Last Update: July 16, 2016

Archives Widgets Settings

The Archives Widget organizes your previously published posts by month. This creates the ease for readers who want to browse your older postings.

Here’s what it looks like when is properly setup on a webpage sidebar:


Once you add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance > Widgets

  • Title: Set the title to be displayed above the archives in your sidebar. (i.e. Past Blog, Old News, … etc.)

Archive Add in the Title

As shown Title on Webpage

  • Display as a drop down: Check this box to display the months on a single line, as a drop-down menu, rather than as a list. This is handy if you want to save space or have been writing your blog for a long time
  • Check Display as Dropdown

Show Dropdown on Webpage

  • Show post counts: If this box is checked, the total number of posts published during that month will be displayed next to the link.

Check Show Post Counts

Show Count on Webpage

  • Show Both Drop down and Count

Hope is useful.

-sean :)

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stephhill Premium
Thank you Sean for helping to show us how to set up the Archives box.
dorina62 Premium
Thanks for the info!
wecwish Premium
Thank you. Although I have not had many posts yet, I thank you for this.
With-Kev Premium
Sounds like a good idea, can you sort by category. This would be great for readers looking for a particular subject. Cheers kev
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks Sean. I gotta remember to do that widget.