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Add a Widget to a Widget AreaGo to Appearance > Widgets to add widgets to any widget area.1.Click on the widget title bar. This example is adding a Calender widget, but you may use any widget you wish.2.Select the desired widget area from the list.3.Click Add Widget.To configure the widget, click the title bar to open it if necessary, then change the settings as desired.Once you are finished entering your content in the widget, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the widget to preserve yo
Custom Menu WidgetThe Custom Menu widget is used to display a list of links to posts or pages in your site. Add a custom menu to your sidebar and footer as your content builds up you’ll probably want to create a custom menu.You can add your About Me, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure pages into a custom menu under the heading, “About Domain”.Navigate to Appearance > Menus and create a new menu (menu 2)Select your menu and Save.Navigate to Appearance > Widg
Okay, another of my Kofe ideas in the afternoon.I ordered just a cup of normal house coffee after my lunch, and was treated with free tissue and 2 Butter Cookies (Home made). Which lifted my impression for the place, and made me understood why websites are give away free ebooks on their website. First thought that keep to my mind was, I coming back to this eatery again for more cookies, and this will be similar to visitors to our website;coming back for more eBooks, and properly after a few mor
Lol! ... our Singapore WA graduates ... W@@W! ... haha ...Came across this ad in Facebook.Ok, I am not promoting this, and link is just for information purpose and for folks here in the real WA Wealthy Affiliate to expand your knowledge gathering if you ever thinking to become a guru.This is an investment training to make money which I personally find it too high risk, volatile, and unstable business growth affecting many with mental and physical stress. Strongly don't encourage members to part
Archives Widgets SettingsThe Archives Widget organizes your previously published posts by month. This creates the ease for readers who want to browse your older postings.Here’s what it looks like when is properly setup on a webpage sidebar:SettingsOnce you add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance > WidgetsTitle: Set the title to be displayed above the archives in your sidebar. (i.e. Past Blog, Old News, … etc.)Archive Add in the TitleAs shown Title on WebpageDisplay as a d
Okay WA folks, let's put on our dark cloak, dark sunglasses, and black hat and be secret agents working for ourselves to spy the internet ... just a quick thought after 3 cups of coffee staying awake at a wake... lol! :)Have you ever wonder how these scam owner work? or are you curious to find out how their scam work?What I did (Hmm ... think this may not be ethnical ...) I created an email address mainly to register in receive their latest push mails, or free eBooks, etc. from these so called
Someone PM me asking how's internet opportunities which woke my mind up thinking ...How much $ is how much ... and enough in internet marketing?For me, restarting my affiliate marketing for just enough $ to sustain my monthly expenses is my objective, so anytime if I lost my day job in another economic downturn I will be prepared, but will properly not quit even my online business is well to balance income and retirement fund at this moment.So now, I am actually starting at beginner's level to
Can't really think much today cos I went to bed early in the morning at 3am, so had a double cappuccino now in the afternoon to keep my eyes open hopefully but dreaming ... Just a short flash thought off my mind...Every problem has a every one of your product or services that could solve a potential need of a customer.The Ultimate question is whether we can make the link between customer and us?The first step in identifying new market, is to list out the possible problems or needs that you prod
Hi Folks,With much anticipated with excitement for mania gamers of latest Pokemon craz ... that has swept through the United States as players armed with smartphones hunt streets, in parks, along river banks, and anywhere the monsters appear on your smartphone, and capturing the monsters, and gather supplies in the hit game, Pokemon Go!The game uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and mapping capabilities in mobile phones to let players roam the real world with the virtual monsters inside t
Hi All, some of you may wonder what happened to my blogs posted in WA has disappear?Well, as WA website is indexed by Google and also my website. Google search engine may panelized both of our websites for same or similar content and this may jeopardize both websites and consider it as scam.So, to play it safe I decided to remove duplicate Blogs posted in WA and kept only one version in my own site, and will restart my blog posting individually and independently in WA and separated from my own