Are you interested in Shopify? Here's a little overview for you!


Hi there, I am not a Shopify Guru but my Level of experience you certainly can call me an Expert and I saw some people asking and are eager to learn more about it, so I thought I write down some words, tips and thoughts on it, in the hope it might help you and/or as a catalyst for a discussion on that topic.

Shopify vs WP ecom?

Depends what you're planning doing with it, like do you have your own products, do you work with stock/inventory or do you wanna use dropshipping?

there is a lite version for only 9$/month if you have like a few products (not sure now if a buy button or a shopping Cart would have to check it out again) which you can easily integrate in Wordpress with a plugin. There are maybe a handful of themes available right now.

then the basic for 29$/mt with wich you can do a lot more. and then 2 more levels of packages

the good thing on shopify is you do not need a host it's included apart the WP Plugin version of course.

you just buy a domain and set it up to if you buy the domain through shopify you can have a professional looking email with your domain as where with other domain sellers you might not have hosting for mails included. (but I think with WA you can use/set up email it's included (but don't take my word for it check it out first here with WA)

Other points speaking for shopify are, when you get more advanced with it, there are many veeeery useful apps some free some for a monthly fee that help you to sell more or help you manage your shop better. Like making a dynamic product catalog feed for retargeting on Facebook dynamically customers that visited specific products on your page. an app for receipts that helps in upsells and many many more....

Also there are tons of Facebook Groups and (video) tutorials out there for shopify (although also for WP ecom plugins and stuff most likely but probably much more on shopify that is very trendy the last few years...

I don't know about Woocomerce or other WP ecom's but shopify is very easy to connect with payment methods too you can choose from different gateways very easily...

However no matter which ecom-platform you're going to use, the handling, setting up and managing the account is one thing BUT before you start doing ecommerce you should have an idea of how you'r going to promote it and you definitely will have to use paid ads, because at the end of the day if you don't sell anything, then it doesn't matter how easy it is to set it up and also there WILL be some expenses like the monthly shopify fee or depending on the apps you're gonna use, domain and last but not least Ad-expenses....

So my final tip would be, get informed around many things first, like how to do FB Ads and/or other Platforms like Pinterest or Google Adwords etc. what strategy in general you wanna follow on promoting, product collections, niche etc etc. but of course you can sign up on shopify where you get like 14days trial to test things out and see how it's working, even if as a complete 'newbie' this time won't be enough but there is always some trial&errors needed when doing something new, isn't there? ;)

so that's it for the moment, I know there will be tons of questions, I'll do my best to help, but might be not that fast, ok?

PS: if you liked the post, don't be shy and give a 'thumbs up'

Thank you

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I've had Shopify stores, but I really believe the best way to go is a WordPress site like WA offers us, with the Woocommerce plugin.

I've literally made tens of millions of dollars over the last 20 years with WordPress sites and Woocommerce. It is a bit more of a learning curve, but it doesn't cost as Shopify does.

Plus, Shopify kind of lacks in the SEO department, which is something you're going to need, big time when launching a new site.

Shopify is very basic, and you'll pay an arm and a leg to get all the functionality that common sense tells you should come with a ready-to-go webstore.

Take to time to really master WordPress and learn how WooCommerce is ready to make your dreams a reality.


Hi Todd, :)

Thank you so much for the info regarding Shopify. I sent a reply to AbieAJ who was also kind enough to answer me regarding Shopify. My main reason for inquiring about this was to help my daughter boost her sales on her ebay and Poshmark stores. (Her products are Women's Fashions).

I appreciate you taking the time to answer me. I like your advice. :)

Thank you Todd,

Hi SeahorseOne, :)

I really liked your article on Shopify. I noticed it was from 6 years ago and things may have changed somewhat but I'm only guessing. Thank you for your article. I wanted to see if you would know if someone who had a store on ebay, would they be able to get their store on Shopify? (Sort of tie them in). And, would they be able to do this on WA? And, yes I know they would need ads/traffic, etc.

I look forward to your answer.

Thank you,
Maggie :-)

You can either | or.

With Shopify there's three tiers and also Shopify Enterprise.

Wish WA, you may run on WordPress, and install the WooCommerce plugin.

There's plusses | minuses to everything, you'd have to study | research what is best for your business needs and objectives.


Thanks so much for the reply regarding Shopify. I know nothing about it really except my daughter who has an ebay store for Women's fashions is thinking of hooking up with them. I was thinking of maybe having her get started on WA, (she's super busy after just having her fifth child/my grandchild); If WA could help her generate more business with her ebay store and her Poshmark store, then that would be tremendous. I'm still learning of course. ;) Thanks for taking the time to read this. :-)

Grateful to and for you,

You can start a blog, online store, or a services website and add a blog whereby you update it with regular posts to drive organic traffic to your shop, services website, or merchant's websites and stores.

They need study their option going forward, however yes WA can help as far writing quality succinct content addressing issues in relation to my niche with a good choice of targeted searchable keywords worthy of your visitors attention, onward sharing onto social media platforms for organic outreach.

Yes AbieAJ, I totally understand! These ebay stores sometimes have a rough time getting traffic even if they have a ton of greats products and goods. I appreciate the feedback AbieAJ. Thank you.

You might be hearing from me soon with another question. ;)

Thanks AbieAJ,

No worries! You're very welcome!

Kindly let us know when needing help or have further questions.
Always a pleasure to be of assistance.


After reading your answer from 2 days ago again, something struck me that I didn't see the first time!!! Super awesome stuff! You helped me realize something that I hadn't seen before. AbieAJ, thank you much times many!!

A quick question when you have a moment. :-) I wrote this to Kyle two days ago and he responded but he has to look into it first. Would you be able to shed any light on it? Here it is:

"I've completed the training in Level 1 - Lesson 7 and I discovered In Site Comments, that the website: (that I was going to comment on), is no longer there." (Maybe this is more of a Carson question?)

Anyway, I'm stumped there and I wanted to get past it. Thank you tons for all of your tremendous help.

Maggie :)

It needs all done in one setting, it cannot be retrieved once gone; you may however leave it for a while and come back later, you may find the same page dependent, if someone has it covered or not.

If you get a site you do not want to go ahead and comment on, you may click the back arrow on your browser without losing stats on your account or click away to see any other page of the platform.

I hope this helps.

Kindly reach out when needing help or have further questions.

Thank you AbieAJ! I'm not sure where to go from here yet but thanks for taking the time to answer me. :-)


Hi, good sharing!

I’m Shopify newbie...need your advice as below:
As my target market to dropship is not my home country therefore do you recommend to put an address of my home country or an address of the country that I target to dropship? So that customers won’t feel awkward...However, this address has to be the goods return address.

Thank you so much!

Hi I just signed up for shopify and I have already created a website here at WA my question is... Can I have a shopify store nish different from my site nich????

Hi Miryaz,

Yes, of course...I can't see where your confusion is? you can have as many websites and online shops in as many niches as you wish (or can handle)

or did I not get your question right?

Oh, thank you for the reply.... Yes I was a little bit lost because of my small knowledge but I did some researches and I understood, thank you and have a nice day

Hi I am looking at setting up my first Shopify store but am curious about 2 things:-
Firstly will they provide you with an Email which is the same name as your chosen store or do you have to get one from some other means?
Secondly Would I have to make a new Facebook Page with details of the store i.e ( New account) or could I do it through my private account but just show the fan page of the store I am promoting...

any advice would be much appreciated


From memory you can get an email setup with the same name as your chosen store but you cannot have it forwarded to an email address of your choice. And they don’t have an inbox facility. They suggest using zohomail to access your emails.
Just a new Fan page would be required for promotion. You can setup a button link to your website on this page.

Thanks Nige, Ill look into that. Have you had much success with shopify?

I started going down the Woocommerce route until I started investigating the ways to make it PCI compliant and I wasn't impressed with the options available and I wasn't willing to just roll the dice and ignore it.

Any basic tips on keyword research for for product listings, collections, etc? Do you even worry about it?

Yes I do worry about keywords. It's my priority number one in here.

I have also started a shopify store, but struggling to get the sale....
here is my STORE:
I am not able to figure out what I am doing wrong with the Facebook ads, not able to generate enough buzz. Appreciate your suggestion.

Hey there,
I can see you have put a lot of work in it and you also have done quite a few things right, where others don't! ;)

Still, there's enough place for improvement, some important ones and some less. But even with what you have you should be able to have already sales.

Do you run Ads to some products??

My guess is, you don't, since I see you have only 2 Fans on your FB Page.

You can have the best product ever, but you won't sell a thing if no-one knows about it!!

PS: just curious, you probably use Oberlo?

Hi Dennis! Great post on Shopify, I'm still a newbie at all this but managed to finish my Shopify store in October 2016. What do you recommend in regards to closing the sale? Have done the FB ads and I am starting to get a good amount of followers on Instagram, but I'm finding it hard for my customers to complete the sale. Have had only a couple of sales with a lot of abandoned carts. What am I missing? It drives me nuts sometimes...
Would it be possible to get you opinion on my site please?

BTW...I'm vacationing with my family to Playa de Carmen in April. Super excited, first time in the Riviera Maya. :) it looks beautiful.


Hi Kenia

sure, send me the link as a pm and we'll talk

In general that's the biggest struggle in eCom, how to close the sales....but as a matter of fact is....offer what people want or the right product to the right person and no matter how difficult the process of getting it ...they will buy!

but of course we try to make it as easy as possible with best usability possible. then there is the so called 'retargeting' where you get the people that were interested in your offer back to your product.

Also another very important technique is the recovery of the abandoned cart (of course you can't win everytime but putting an effort in it, sure brings money in... ;) )

The good thing with shopify is that you have apps that help you do all these and for any kind of help with your shop quick and fast, where you also do not necessarily need too much programming knowledge or the need to hire a developer/programmer. The Downside most apps especially the ones you must have, they cost usually a monthly fee. At least with the most of them you can start small or even for free and it grows with your shop.

I have added it to my yellow start list,
thank you :)
Looking into this kind of business.

Is it okay for you to post a link to a website created via Shopify here? So that we can have an idea what it looks like, what are the strengths, and what are the weaknesses...

Google is your Friend!

search for and any Niche-Keyword you will get a tonne of pages.

btw. sorry I kinda missed this message, just saw it

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