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Last Update: May 14, 2019

If your not getting traffic

guest posting can make a big difference in your traffic or it can help you grow your content. I started doing both about a two months ago. I have posted many articles growing my keywords and topics as well as posting for others on their sites. By working together both sides benefit. I used to no take guest posts becasue I didnt want low quality content. Now I realize that I can have standards you have to meet to post on my site.

I just posted three articles for a webmaster who then offered for me to post on other sites they had. By helping them out, they offered to help me out with my guest posting. These releationships build and can be used again and agian with other sites and partnes.

The best sites get linked to, Google uses this in the rankings. Keep this in mind.

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AnitaLouise Premium
Great idea!
Pastordna Premium
Good idea!

Wdcope Premium
I plan on considering this down the line. I feel until I reach a place of value for my articles it's better for me to wait, yet I understand your premise. Perhaps it depends on the type of blog also.
JSharma4 Premium
Great ideas! Thanks for the content! Best wishes to you.
Jim-Bo Premium