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Some days I am up to 600 users a day. Started writting for other sites about 7 months ago. This increase is mostly from guestposts as I also did some quora posts to help promote content. I only get a few visitors from quora. I keep telling people they need to do guest posts. I will let WA members post on my site for free, but it just has to be done well. There are so many people on WA, why not network and post on each others sites to grow traffic?
About a year ago traffic on my site dropped in half and then continued to trickle off every month. About 4 months ago I started guest posting. It didnt happen right away but my traffic has now doubled. I found the cause, Bing decided to deindex my site because I was being spammed by competitors. Once I disavowed everythihng it took four-five months for them to say they would reindex my site. Unfortuantley they have yet to send me much traffic. IThe guest posting worked though since my Google or
May 14, 2019
If your not getting trafficguest posting can make a big difference in your traffic or it can help you grow your content. I started doing both about a two months ago. I have posted many articles growing my keywords and topics as well as posting for others on their sites. By working together both sides benefit. I used to no take guest posts becasue I didnt want low quality content. Now I realize that I can have standards you have to meet to post on my site.I just posted three articles for a webma
April 01, 2019
I placed url links in my blog. not affiliate links. it was to WA member websites that i wrote a post for. Is this against the rules. Is this against the rules if I am asking for comments and opinions? I want to understand how to do this right. I had alot of people calling me out, but none with helpful comments. I believe this should be a helpful exchange. So can someone help me understand why i see links all over WA. What am I missing?
Just finished up on a project with yourhealthyprostateMakhsud is a WA member and has put together a great site on prostate health.the member posted the page on his facebook. yourhealthyprostate it would be helpful to get some social media comments and post comments on the site. thank youWorking with other sites is a fantastic way to share your content. Some sites refuse guest posting, but i can't understand why. As long as you have an author willing to write quality content then it's always wo