I completed Course 2!

Last Update: March 16, 2018

Hello all!

I'm in my first month here at WA. I am proud to have come this far. I had not been involved with websites at all, but always have been interested. Now, I have my own domain:


I have just reached the end of the second course.

I guess that makes this a success post. I am just beginning to understand what goes on at WA. I learn each day. It IS an education.

My niche is candles and their holders. this is just my first try at web site construction. my goals for the next three months are keep on keepin' on. Sign on each day and keep learning, asking, and doing. My goal this week is to fix my website, so that my blogs don't roll (!). I also need to link my other social media to my website.

I need to fix my images and add content to the website, too.

I would love to be working my website in 6 months. I would love to be turning a profit, however small. Good luck to us all and check back soon. We are always under contruction.



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helldale Premium
Hi Sue,
it looks like you have a bussy day with all the tasks ahead of you.
To your success
Belden22 Premium
Congratulations! You are on your way.

StPaul Premium
All the very best.... Keep rocking!
BillE1 Premium
WTG! Keep going...
sblasi999 Premium
TA! I will do.

Thanks, Bill.
ElaineS1 Premium
I can't wait to see how things go for you. I wish you the best.
sblasi999 Premium
I feel the same way. I wish I did this last year!