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Last Update: September 25, 2016

So, nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate but...I am on several groups for parents of children with disabilities. One of the recent discussions asked if parents had told their children that they have a disability. It got pretty heated as some people said children should just be happy and not have a label. Some said children will use a label as an excuse to not do work. Others said that a label creates a way for other kids to bully them. Most of these parents had kids that were under 10.

I have been dealing with disabilities for over 20 years. My kids are older though not of school and certainly not 'done' with their disability. But, I really took exception that withholding information given at an appropriate level at at appropriate age is wrong. You don't start blurting out about autism in the middle of a church service. But, when you are in Target, in the check out line, and your son is talking way too loud, you use it as a learning experience to say use your indoor voice. Telling my boys the issues we identified through evaluation helped them to figure out ways to get around it. My eldest has dysgraphia. His handwriting is horrible. It is not him being lazy but it won't improve. So what? Now that we know that, now that he knows that, he can investigate other methods to take notes. He is now an amazing typist because that comes much easier to him. He can almost do simultaneous transcription. But, if we had focused on the handwriting because a teacher saw it as sloppy rather than understanding it was a disability, he would have never been able to express himself.

Anyway, having information is never a bad thing. Being able to problem solve and come up with a plan of action only serves to strengthen you, not weaken you.

A child is not bound to a wheelchair. They use it to get around most places. A disability is not a burden, it may suck but it is just something different. It does not make a person less.

Okay, I am done. Thanks.

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HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Susan, labels can be depressing and hurtful. Children tend to repeat what they hear their parents say. In my country of birth we say "little Rabbits have big ears," in other words becareful what you say around children. I am saying that to say that burying you head in the sand and believe you should not explain to children that have a disability is wrong in my opinion. Age appropriate explanation is the way to go. All of us eventually have a disability, hearing, seeing, walking etc. These children just happen to have this challenge earlier than the rest of us, but please do not send them out without an understanding of who they are and what they can achieve.
sasplund Premium
Totally agree.
Kyle Premium
I like your approach and the way you think. Some of the most inspiring people to me are those that use different means to accomplish the same thing (or sometimes more).
theresroth Premium
I agree with you, I see this time and time again.
People with disabilities, but absolutely superb talents and skills!
Thanks for sharing.....
GeoffGS Premium
Good rant.
bigrog44 Premium
You're done?
sasplund Premium
Oh fine. You are getting to know me! Maybe not done done, but at least for now. LOL