Do customer service reps admit to being a scam? This one did!

Last Update: Mar 27, 2015


I just had the funniest experience and absolutely had to share it.

I was trying to stream something online and wasn't using the best of sources. Needless to say, countless ads popped up, but then there was one I couldn't get around.

I got a message supposedly from Safari Support claiming that a suspicious activity had been detected and that I must contact online support immediately. I figured it was just another popup, so I hit 'ok', but nothing happened. I couldn't close the window and I couldn't close Safari.

So I called the number.

The Pakastani individual who answered my call explained that the only way to see what was going on was for him to share my screen. I said 'I'm not going to do that. I don't know that you're actually Apple support. I'm told to call a number with no other option, but I don't know that I can trust you.'

He responded that there was nothing he could do about that. I just had to share my screen with him.

(While on the phone I opened Google Chrome to check up Apple's online support number and this one didn't show up anywhere. Suspicion confirmed.)

After asking to please speak to a supervisor before agreeing, he simply said (and I suggest you read this aloud to yourself with a strong Pakistani accent), 'Ok, ma'am, you are right. This is a scam.' And he hung up.

So there you have it. At least know I know. It's a scam. (Just in case I wasn't sure before ;)

Thank G-d for Apple support forums where I found this exact scenario and was guided through the closing and reopening process…

Cheers y'all!

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That story is very bizarre. That he admitted it and that you did not fall for it. Blessings to you!

Thank you for sharing this with us. I think this ending in him admitting the truth is
hilarious! :)

Definitely not what I was expecting to hear!! But I think that whole incident was worth it because it's an awesome story to tell :)

That's for sure! :)

That's scary to find out what would have happened if you let him share your screen, good job not falling for it:)

I know! Whew!

LOL at least he was honest in his dishonesty.... ?? lol

Uh... sure ;)

It was definitely not the reaction I was expecting!

My dad unfortunately keeps getting calls from people in Pakistan claiming his computer is infected and that they need to take control of his computer to fix the problem. Trust me, he knows quite well they are scammers trying to get control of his computer and set viruses on there to get personal information. Sometimes he lies and says he has no computer, but they insist when he gets one to call them immediately as it is likely it will be infected. LOL!

This is absolutely hysterical! I shared that with my family at dinner today :)

Great blog for your ways to avoid scam on your website!
Get the benifit out of it!

Good idea! Definitely going to keep that in mind ;)

Great that you found out on the Apple support forum how to close the popup and were guided through the whole process. Scary to think what would have happened if you had let him share your screen.

Yeah, thank G-d! So happy I had Chrome installed otherwise I would've been really stuck.

I guess there's always the smartphone...

Lool this is truly hilarious. I swear people find every type of way to scam you.

Yeah... nuts!!

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