22 Year Old Opens First Facebook Account!

Last Update: Apr 27, 2015


Until now I've managed to get away with not having a FaceBook account.

Yes… I missed out on keeping in touch with some friends and acquaintances, but I also saved myself a whole lot of wasted time.

Now that I'm starting my new business (www.savewithenergy.com), and I realize the value of social media, I've decided to open up an account.

I'd love to grow my network and would happy to have some WA friends :) Please 'friend' me at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009315351756.

Oh. My full name is Sara Stephanie, so please don't be confused by that. Initially, when I first started out in the 'professional' world, I thought I wanted to go by Stephanie, but after much thought and consideration, I've decided to stick with my first name, Sara.

I'm also open to any tips, tricks and advice on building a professional FB page.



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Hi Sara, Welcome to the social media world. I'm 70 and just opened my first facebook account on my son's behest. I don't know the first thing about it and just dipping in my toes.

Woot! Woot!
Feel free to share things as you learn 'em ;)

Well, I'm not sure what's going on in facebook, or google+ or Pinterest or twitter and Linkedin.

Yes I joined the whole lot with my son's help and now don't even know how to log in any of 'em. You'll have to tell me what you learn. This is the turnaround in 2000. The old must learn from the young 'uns. Bless you....


Friended you Sara! :)

You are quite a few years earlier than me, I was over 50:)

Lol! But considering the generation I was born into, I'm way behind the times... ;)

That's probably true:)

It is vital to have a facebook If you go to http://www.coolphotographyproducts.com and go to tutorials you will see my video on how to get more business on facebook via the sales pages

Awesome! Thank you! I will have to check it out...

sent you a friend request at face book you might want to consider opening account with twitter also all the best

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! Wishing you the best with Facebook. I am a non-Facebook person, I left back in 2008 because I hated what it became. With that said, it does have advantages, and I hope it is a blessing to you and your business :)

Huh! So I'm not the only one ;)

Thank you! I think because I know what to expect and why I stayed away for so long, I'll be able to gage myself appropriately… at least, I hope so!

I don't know how many times I thought about canceling my account with Facebook. But I already had so much going on with it and realized that I would miss out on opportunities one day since it is all about social media now. Good luck and welcome to the Facebook community.

Thank you!

I hope that because I know why I stayed away for so long, I'll be able to use it professionally and appropriately ;)

Hi Stephanie, I have friended you. Could you return the favour as I think I only have 4 on mine and two of them are family.


As you will notice. I am not very good with social media :(.


Done :)

How'd you get the business page? Don't you have to start with a personal account?

Yes, you should start with a personal one, but there's an option where you click "create a page" and you start by clicking what type of page you need (local, brand, company, etc.) I believe you should click on the "down arrow" on the top right corner of your facebook page... you can also create groups, adds, etc.

Ok, I'll have to do a bit of digging. Thank you!

I have several business pages. I am about to hit 2 million people on Facebook Friday with my new commercial. I don't have a business page yet for that but I will by Friday.

Thank you.

I set it up as mvalverdec says, but I have had a personal account for ages. Haven't been on it much but managed to set up that page through a tutorial.

I will provide the link when I find it.


Good for you! (not that I'm reading this and send you a friend request) :) but we, as marketers, must see social media different from now on! There are some valuable tutorials here at WA so you can check them. Also with Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. Good luck!

Thank you!

I will definitely have to do some learning ;)

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