What is the crisis? the virus or the lack of toilet roll?

Last Update: March 16, 2020

So I am sure this is the case around the world, but here in the UK we have been hit by a crisis, nope not the 'c' word, but the TP crisis!

Despite the fact that our government is taking on the 'carry on regardless' response to the pandemic, and we have complete freedom of movement, the country has gone into a toilet paper buying frenzy. The shelves are empty.

Even a famous organic toilet paper subscription service is our of stock, with a message stating 'Holy Crap, it's all gone'!

It just goes to show that there are going to be winners in these extraordinary times. The manufacturers of Toilet paper, hand wash/sanitiser, long life food, medicines, are all benefiting from our need to panic buy.

But another area that will benefit is shopping and conducting life online. Much connection and communication will be carried out via our world wide web, which means many more people will be searching for information, entertainment and goods online, which will benefit our websites.

We enter a very different world to what we had last month, last week, even yesterday. Let's stay connected, stay positive and stay healthy, but Let's also stay human. Consider our neighbours, our communities and those who do not have the money, time or transport to hoard and stockpile.

I do not judge, I fell into the panic for a day. I forgive myself and I will happily share any supplies I have with others in need. I have been inspired by the Italians clapping and singing on their balconies.

Let's come together and applaud our emergency services, our doctors and nurses on the front lines, our researchers and scientists. And Let's sing from our metaphorical balconies together. But most of all lets (to quote Donald Trump) 'Calm down and stop bulk buying toilet roll!

Much Love

(and healing thoughts)



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KathyAnne Premium Plus
Yes, it's definitely a great time to have an online business. I've also noticed how crazy people have become. Luckily, I have enough toilet paper for a few weeks, but would never be so selfish as stockpiling! Yes, our NHS are doing a terrific job, and hopefully, get through this crisis 😊
EdwinBernard Premium
Those who have bidets must be laughing to high heaven! Maybe new homes will have them installed as standard.

I was lucky. I managed to get a 6 pack when there were still paper items on the shelves about ten days ago.

Your positive spin is wonderful Sara. We might as well benefit from this in focusing more on our online businesses. Being a member of WA in these troubling times is a GodSend.

All the best to you.

Dave07 Premium
Yes there are definitely winners in this situation as well as losers.
Supermarkets must be about to record record takings for a week in March.
Hopefully the current outbreak of mass stupidity will soon settle and we can focus on the more serious task of avoiding illness and building our own business

JeffreyBrown Premium
True that, Dave! 👍👍
Twack Premium
Fortuitously, we seem to have an abumdance of toilet rolls.
I had thought it was a tad quiet on here of late, I expected it to be more busy.
Apart from the frenzied 'mob mentality' buying of loo roll, there does seem to be an amount of 'nonplussedness' about the whole thing.
Maybe because no one has had experience of this type of thing before, it's all unchartered territory.
The video of the balcony music makers was excellent.
Sharing your thoughts also.
JeannineC Premium
It was reported on TV today that people are buying 3 - 5x more than they usually do right now. So foolish! Just give it a little time and there will be plenty of everything. The stores just have product - they just can't refill the shelves as fast as people are buying stuff.