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So today I am celebrating my one year 2 month anniversary here at wealthy Affiliate, and what a year it has been. I came here full of dreams of freedom and the holy grail of a laptop lifestyle and passive income. What I got was so much more. I found a network of like-minded family, and a way to aim for my dreams. I was guided to Wealthy affiliate. I had no experience or knowledge of building or designing websites, or affiliate marketing, but with all the training and encouragement that I needed
April 17, 2020
We all knew that it wouldn't be long, with the global change, for Amazon to change the game once again and lower their commission rates. Plus with them prioritising what they classify as 'essential purchases', many of us are being hit on our websites with a double whammy shock.If I'm really honest (as I am sure you guys will have to admit too), I have been really lazy with my website, affiliating with very few companies, with the majority of my reviews and best of's and editorial material being
On the flip side of my other blog today 'Back to business (An 'on topic' blog)...A title which was meant to be ironic to what i have witnessed in the last 48 hours.I write very sad that today, for the first time since I joined this, what I considered wonderful, supportive, network, I have deleted a comment made because of the replies I received back. The irony was the post was about 'Bullying within WA'. My response which was written in all good spirit of free speech, compassion and understandi
Yesterday was a momentous day, I received my first payout from my Amazon Affiliate account. My website this month has finally earned me enough to pay a month of Wealthy affiliate subscription. When I was top 50, I would get many messages asking me about how much money I was making. At the time I had not earned a single penny. This would baffle many as they seem to assume that being ranked high in Wealthy affiliate means you are earning good money. I had to burst many people who messaged illusio
March 30, 2020
I just wanted to write a very quick blog before 'Home School' starts to ask: How are you all doing?Here in the UK we have been on 'lock down' for one week. I am not going to lie it has been the longest, hardest week of our lives and in fact I feel like I have lived many lifetimes in that long seven days.I have been through the anxiety that nobody seemed to be taking the virus seriously and were not adhering to any social distancing at all, so although 'Lock down' was something I never would hav
So I am sure this is the case around the world, but here in the UK we have been hit by a crisis, nope not the 'c' word, but the TP crisis!Despite the fact that our government is taking on the 'carry on regardless' response to the pandemic, and we have complete freedom of movement, the country has gone into a toilet paper buying frenzy. The shelves are empty. Even a famous organic toilet paper subscription service is our of stock, with a message stating 'Holy Crap, it's all gone'!It just goes to
Today I have written my new business plan for my new life and I have named it 'Operation Freedom'.Part of this plan is to design and build my second website, which is going to be my passion project website. So today I will spend designing and publishing. This new phase of changing my life is so exciting, because it is no longer doing what I think I should, or choosing a niche that I have no passion for, just because I think it will make money.So I thought I would share with this wonderful commu
Good morning fellow freedom seekers!I have often read posts questioning whether affiliate marketing actually works, even this morning I read a blog asking whether it was even possible to get sales in the first few months or even year of a new website.So before I started updating and creating new content on my old website I thought I would take a look at my Amazon associates account to see how well my website has done so far.My website was started in May 2019 and I wrote in the first two months
This morning I woke up knowing that I would be back writing and that brought mixed emotions, excitement, anticipation and maybe a little fear. Will I be inspired to write something after all this time? I have been reading a book by Dr Wayne Dyer and in the book he gave the advice 'Don't die with your music still in you' and this resonated, really powerfully this morning, as I start writing for my passion project website. I realised that have spent most of my life doing what I thought (or what o
Good Morning Wealthy Affiliate!! After some very difficult roads, I find myself back here at the beautiful destination of Wealthy affiliate. It is eight months since I started my affiliate marketing journey, on a quest for freedom of time, energy and money. Much of the path has been one of difficulty and retreat, where my last posts 3 months ago, found me saying goodbye for a while to WA. In my quest for freedom and the chance to finally live an inspired life, I discovered that freedom and insp