Operation Freedom - Designing website number 2!

Last Update: February 16, 2020

Today I have written my new business plan for my new life and I have named it 'Operation Freedom'.

Part of this plan is to design and build my second website, which is going to be my passion project website. So today I will spend designing and publishing. This new phase of changing my life is so exciting, because it is no longer doing what I think I should, or choosing a niche that I have no passion for, just because I think it will make money.

So I thought I would share with this wonderful community what I have written and stuck to my wall. For the purposes of now, I am going to keep the specifics secret. Not because I don't want to release them to the world, but I have been here before, passionately writing and speaking about my ideas and visions, only to have a friend take them (yes OK steal them) and make them her own. And so I am going to take my own advice that I learned the hard way, (you get burned, you don't keep putting your hand into the flame), don't release your ideas and business plan until you have all your ducks in a row to release it. On release shout it from the roof tops!

I have broken my business plan into phases, because I am thinking really big with this business! and it all starts here at wealthy Affiliate.

Phase One - Write the Plan

You need to get really clear about what it is you are trying to achieve. You do this by starting with the end in mind. Where would you like to be in 6 months, a year, 5 years etc. Clarity is power. Ask yourself, what does success look like for you?

Your plan needs to be everything that you can believe you can achieve, something you feel so passionate about, it lights that fire in your belly and gets you up at 5am wanting to achieve it.

There is magic in the specific. This time I have got really specific about what my business is, about timescales and what I really need to achieve it. Have the courage to trust the specifics and be unapologetic about your vision and dreams and desires.

Phase two - What to you need to achieve your plan?

The 'phase Two' is time and training. I have solved the time issue by quitting a job and now only working one job to allow me two whole days a week to work on my business (Yes think of this as a business, you are starting a business!).

I still consider myself to be somewhat of a newbie to building websites and affiliate marketing, so this time round I am going to take it slow and give it all the care attention and passion it needs. So within my business plan I have built in a good amount of time for training. I am going to retake the training here at WA to build my site. I am also going to seek out the training that is really going to make my new website a game changer in my life. I am not afraid to take this phase slow, because successful businesses and websites are built on very strong foundations. Training is your foundation!

I have also made a list of 5 external training course that I would like to undertake over the next two years and these are relevant to my passion projects niche. Currently I do not have the cash to even start one, but by putting them into the plan I can start to save and earn extra money into my training pot. In the meantime I will focus on WA training as that is already paid for BONUS!

Phase Three - Take Action

Action is key because you can dream and plan all of your life without ever achieving anything. The taking action is retaking the training and building my new website. The first stage of my business plan is starting my business online.

Wealthy affiliate gives us the luxury of starting a business and trying things out without a massive cash investment. If a website fails, or you discover it is not actually your passion, all you have lost is your time, energy and your monthly fee. No big deal. The beauty is you can learn the lesson (as I have) and start anew.

I hope that with the lessons I learned the first time round, that this time, I can be inspired and not tired.

I am also aware that 'Operation Freedom' is not just financial freedom, but freedom to have balance, be healthy, of time and energy. I know it is a massive ask, a huge desire, but like I said I am thinking really big with this project.

Phase Four - Making it physical

The next phase of my business plan, is to take my business that I have built and written about online, to be an actual physical business that I will work full time, with the website supporting it. Within this phase I am going to take virtual connection with my customers to actually physical connection with my customers.

In this phase I want my business to be paying my every day bills.

Phase Five - Going Global

In this phase of my business plan I am to do all the traveling that my soul is desiring, whilst still building my business but in person and online to a wider more global audience.

The wonderful thing with wealthy Affiliate is that we already have a community that is our global network. So I am to fully utilise all of you from around the world. Where else can you get that kind of valuable business research and expansion for the price we pay here?

Phase Six - Abundance and complete freedom

This is the holy grail we all seek. The manifested or unearned income that comes and allows us to live a life beyond our dreams without actually working for it. Of course years of work will need to go into my business before I am sat on a beach or at the bottom of a mountain, or traveling the world, fully funded by my business. That is the dream, that is operation freedom!

Complete control. Being able to spend all of my time and energy doing the things I love and being with the people I love, and it all starts here and now.

I am so excited to share my new site with you all soon, because I am going to be writing about what makes me come alive and finally living my free and authentic self. I wish that for all of you, so getting writing your business plans, and think big, NO BIGGER! allow your soul to dream of how big this could really be for you!

Good Luck, I wish you well on your own journey of operation freedom, but for now there are jobs to be done, and websites to design.

Much Love


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Talk2Ray Premium
Awesome post, Sara. Thank you so much for sharing these insights.
I already realize that one of the things I did not do first is the business plan. I should have known that was important and will focus on that now before I look at the rest of your steps.
Thanks again
SaraPoyner Premium
Sometimes just getting it down on paper (or screen) just focuses the mind and the action. Just nice to get all the dreams 'out there'. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it : )
Stanleycmng Premium
You got it all planned out... 👍🏼
SaraPoyner Premium
Thanks Stanley, just getting it out there : )
Lindsaycouch Premium
Great post! Wishing you much success.
SaraPoyner Premium
Thanks for taking your time to read and comment, I am very grateful : )
MOtuke Premium
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I did not realize how powerful writing your goals are. You can actually look back to see what have I done. This is great and I certainly wish you all the best with your new passion project.
SaraPoyner Premium
I know, something urged me to write it down and now it all looks possible. That is thanks to WA and being able to start with a website and social media, this needs very little investment other than my time and my WA membership. Where else could you start a business like that? Exciting times for all of us : )
DCarpenter1 Premium
Thank you, Sara, for your inspirational "Operation Freedom" I look forward to you "shouting it from the roof tops! "

I am painfully slow in my training here at WA, & will not progress to the next lesson until I have mastered the lesson I am working on.

Wishing you Great Success with Operation Freedom.

SaraPoyner Premium
Thanks Denis! It has been refreshing doing it the second time as this time I understand and know what the training is asking me to do, there have been no tears or heads in hands this time round..yet : )