One Year at Wealthy Affiliate - What a difference a year makes!

Last Update: July 01, 2020

So today I am celebrating my one year 2 month anniversary here at wealthy Affiliate, and what a year it has been.

I came here full of dreams of freedom and the holy grail of a laptop lifestyle and passive income. What I got was so much more. I found a network of like-minded family, and a way to aim for my dreams.

I was guided to Wealthy affiliate. I had no experience or knowledge of building or designing websites, or affiliate marketing, but with all the training and encouragement that I needed, I had found a niche and built a website in weeks.

Like many of you may have experienced, I struggled to pay my wealthy affiliate membership fee. The early months were tough juggling money from the food pot to dedicate to this new venture. I was incredibly lucky because a 'business angel' came to the rescue and paid my annual fee for me, allowing me to build not only my website but the way to unlimited possibilities through affiliate marketing and writing.

Since then My website is getting over 30 sales a month and is now breaking even with costs. I have to admit I have been lazy and life, new job, two children and the little thing of a global pandemic, have got in the way. I have companies now approaching me to affiliate with them. So today I sit here more focused and motivated than ever before.

I have spent the last few months incredibly angry at our Governments handling of the pandemic and it has been exhausting. On top of that yesterday the Government here in the UK withdrew us from the EU (European Union) and put a bill to restrict freedom of movement.

All day yesterday I was angry and felt despair. I had big plans to travel this world and to one day live in a European Country. I have always been a believer that no matter our differing religions, country, opinions and beliefs we are better together. I felt hopeless.

Then I was reminded of what opportunities and kindness there are in this world. I sat at my laptop sorting out my billing here, and I was reminded that a stranger came forward and gave me a miracle. He paid for a year of my dream and I will always be truly grateful, not just because I was sponsored here for a year, but it reminded me to keep dreaming and believe in miracles, and not lose hope, and to always have faith that things will work out. It just might not be in the way you think.

It has been a while since I wrote here and it feels good to be back. Much of the energy out there is based on fear and hate and pulling apart. But here I feel we know we are connected and better together.

So here's to another year. I am excited to see where it takes me and my website. I have ideas for many projects, but for now I am focusing on taking the website I have to the next level.

There is a lot going on right now, but what better time to start listening to your soul and following your dreams? Sending you all lots of love, look after yourself and others, be brave enough to plant the seeds of your dreams and stick around long enough to see them grow.

It is great to be back and here's to another year

Much Love



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Twack Premium
A veritable 'veteran' no less. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts.
It has been quite a year and I, like you, am looking forward to another.
It's no surprise to me that your site continues to flourish, you have created something very special and I know it will remain an asset for you for many years to come.
As we move into the second half of 2020 I am sure you will have even more success.
I hope you all are managing to survive without becoming too frazzled (Politics aside) and that you are all staying well.
So good to see you here.
Love, hugs and all that.
CordeliaN Premium
Sara...☺️ My old campus mate and fellow student, it’s been sooo long since I’ve seen you in the lecture theatre or the gym or the cafe, to be fair, I have been missing for much of the time. (For the rest of it I’ve been on Bournemouth Beach) .......joking....(disgraceful behaviour)
It’s so lovely to hear from you, I often think of you and how you are doing, remembering how we were both awake at 5:30am doing our training....😉 I am bloody delighted to hear your website has traction, it’s just a matter of time before you really take off, I am so chuffed for you.
Your angel knew what they were doing when they invested in you.

You go girl and hopefully your 30 sales will turn into your full time income this year...🤞
SaraPoyner Premium
Lockdown extended to the WA canteen, booths and training halls lol. Yes just trying to survive Furlough, home schooling and the general pandemic and political exhaustion. So lovely to come here and feel like something has shifted again and it's time to move forward. So lovely to hear from you xx
CordeliaN Premium
JKulk1 Premium
You have worked hard at this business and accomplished a lot Sara. Also the world is in a mess at the moment and it's easy to be angry with how many of it's governments are handling the situation badly. Not only do we have to deal with a pandemic , severe recession and natural disasters but many of us have personal health issues. For a little while there I to was angry and went on the 'Why me' road. But then I remembered the amazing things I have gained in life, my wife, my family, grandkids, a nice home and an incredible extended family at WA. I also remembered how my parents and older sisters had suffered in WW2 and realised just how fortunate I was to actually be here. Jim
SaraPoyner Premium
Hey Jim, lovely to hear from you. I know so much has happened in such a short time. But like you say, it is focusing on the things we are grateful for that get us through.

Yes sadly the Uk is very angry country right now and one that is going to be allowed alcohol in pubs at the weekend! I think I'll just stay home with a cup of coffee and write : )
Linda103 Premium
Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary Sara. The pandemic has been bad worldwide, the citizens or many countries not helped at all by their governments.
Here at WA we can rise above it all and see everything from a worldwide perspective. Many things happen that seem catastrophic but we will get through it now as we have done in the past. Life goes on.
SaraPoyner Premium
Its so true. right now our country is shutting out and creating an environment of fear and hate. However like you say when you rise above you see the truth, that us humans are made to connect and to love and to laugh and explore. The pandemic has slowed us down for a while. But I just keep telling my children, you have experienced something truly unique and if you get through this just think how strong and resilient you will be when other hard stuff comes. They have learned its ok to be scared or cry, but they are loved. As have I.

Stay wll Linda, really lovely to hear from you xx
Linda103 Premium
I see more of the every day people who are doing so many kindnesses for others. I see communities coming together to help one another and I know of more than one family where there were rifts that have been healed because of the Pandemic.
There is far more good than bad and it is heartwarming to see it.
It is okay to be scared and it is good to talk about it when you are. Children need to know that too as do adults. When you talk about fears they become easier, talking about emotions too is good. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job. Take care.
Hraybal Premium
Hi Sara,
You’ve made great progress in just 1 year and I’m sure you will continue to build your business successfully.
There’s no doubt we’ve been hit hard in the U.K with the pandemic, but like everyone else we’ll pull through.
Best wishes for the next 12 months and beyond.
SaraPoyner Premium
Thank you so much. Yeah the Uk has been tough. But I am blessed and grateful that we are safe and well and together.

Wishing you and yours well wishes : )