Last Update: July 31, 2015

Wealthy Affiliate has become my addiction!

Point proven this week!

With my game plan in hand, I started the week, only to discover that my internet connection was not full strength! Was not half strength! No band width at all. Many wasted minutes trying for the connect to get google going. A hit and miss connection, when I did connect, was lost quickly.

Had planned to move my site Monday to my domain from Rubix. Leaving on a short trip on Wednesday. Wanted the move done MONDAY! Did not happen! Worked with this all day!

Even with qualms-Tuesday I got a good connection, and the move was on! I am already behind schedule and have not left home yet!

Of course there were issues- the signal band dropped- did I stop? No, of course not! I kept working at the project. It was on the schedule- right there on Monday. Now it is Tuesday! I keep on picking at the project, trying for a good connection, which came occasionally but did not last.

Oh! Here it is! A strong connection! The move is on!! Kept getting a "processing" message, so decided to just wait till arrival at the destination, I knew there would be good strong wifi. Thought that with some time all would be well!

So when I got to the destination, Wednesday, did I relax and enjoy? No, of course not! I got all settled to check out the status, and could not log on to my site!

I even private messaged 2 different W A members with my plea for help! Naturally they responded with suggestions- took time from their chore list to help me.. They are still responding to my cries for help. They give beyond what is reasonable. That is our community, and the pay it forward mind set.

This morning, I received the suggestion that we wait till I return home to work with this! What!! Why would I do that? My stomach turned over! My heart rate went up! I sat at the table in our suite, thinking is this how addicts feel? Is this why they do the crazy impulsive things that destroy their lives? Oh my goodness! I guess a shower is next on the list, this brings back movies and T V shows to mind about working with addicts! They are always showering!

Guess this is as good a time as any to get out and enjoy a change of pace.

My idea in sharing this is that balance is important. When I realized I could not do the check out that was next on my list, I could not settle down and work on content or work on key words- I could not enjoy time away with my husband, I could not enjoy friends and family. I could not think clearly about what I wanted to do in business or personal life! How self defeating is that!

Thank you for taking time to read this pitiful account of a struggling W A member. Thank goodness for sane suggestions like, "Wait till you get home to work on this".

Hope you have a productive day, I plan to have fun! (Of course I will log on later to check!) I think that tapering off is better than cold turkey!


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Pisquali Premium
Such a small thing can have such an effect.
SamiWilliams Premium
Brings one to their knees!
Thank you for reading and commenting,
kirby34 Premium
Hope it all works out mate
SamiWilliams Premium
I am sure it will if I heed advice given from community members.
Thank you,
mrbill6771 Premium
I feel your pain, Sami. We are full into our monsoon season here in New Mexico. A lightening storm knocked out our power (and internet) yesterday for about two hours. OMG! No internet! What is there to do? Showering may not be the answer. I do have my photography to divert my attention. Time well spent processing photos I had been putting off. Guess what? WA was still there, right where I left it! Life is good!

SamiWilliams Premium
Yes, thank goodness life is good!
Thank you for reading and commenting
DaveSw Premium
LOL Sami!

I read your post and thought this likely applies to many here...It certainly does to me! I have forced myself to walk away an take breaks - otherwise I find myself so engrossed that many many hours pass, and the day for that matter! Also, I have other real life things that need attention in the personal and business world...

Hang in there, they say anything worth having is worth working for and delaying the gratification by taking a little time for yourself and your family is OK...The end goal will be there when you get back! I am applying that to myself tonight, it is 830 in the evening on a weekend and here I am! Enough, right after the next comment....


: )
SamiWilliams Premium
Such a life we plot for ourselves!
Lessons learned through this experience-listen to that gut feeling!
Stop when issues arise, take a break, clear the head-go back, as you said-it will be there!
Thank you for reading and commenting.
Mark1957 Premium
Hi Sami
If showering regularly is a sure sign of addiction, I guess we must all be as clean as whistles!!
SamiWilliams Premium
Timeout was good- extra showers can not hurt!
Thank you for reading and dignifying my rant with a comment.