2 Years With WA

Last Update: October 26, 2018

Hellll OOOOO

Hi, folks

Today , i am celebrating 2 years with WA , The great affilliate marketting community with Great Teachers .

Well i did not make much money withen these two years , but i am making few dollars here and there . The most important thing is that i have learned , i have learned how to make a website , write articles and rank them , then monitise the website , i have got 20 visitors to my blog every day .

I consider that as greatness by itself . My site was just a trial , a test to know how the things go , and i know the process now .

I have got a new work this year , and most of the time either i am busy, or tired and does not have mood . BUT , guess what , the info that i got from WA and from my researches have made my soul relaxed . Now i am working on new websites , new diresctions , with new bussiness opportunities and i am preparing for success , a real money success this time .

My advise for all :

Plan for your work before you do it .

I am a planning engineer , i can tell you the following fact which applies to every thng in life .

When companies ( or people ) plan for their projects , there is a 99 % chance that it will success , when they do not plan ( just go for it ) there is greater chance for failure .

Successful works need at least 15 % of the time for planning .

Before you make a website , take some time for research and plan for it , before you write an article , take some time and plan for it , do your research . Keep the big picture in your mind for the whole site , what you want it to be about and what sections it would contain .

I wish the best for all of you guys .


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Hollshope Premium
Great advice. Planning is key!
Sam-K Premium
Thanks Hollshope
PaulREvans57 Premium
Congratulations, Sam. Thanks for the post and keep up the good work!
Sam-K Premium
Thank a lot Paul
VictorF22 Premium
Great Advice! Planning is always important because you will have a set goal when working!

Nice Post!
Sam-K Premium
Thanks A lot
Vickic3 Premium
Congrats on your 2 years Sam and you have got yourself ready to rock n roll now and all the best
Sam-K Premium
Thank Viki ,
Nice to meet you in here
harmsey89 Premium
This is excellent advice! Thanks for sharing.
Sam-K Premium
You welcome my friend .
Nice to meet you in here.