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If You Still did not Make Money in Here , Please Read ThisDear All , I would give you a peace of cake procedure now , ie "To The Point Procedure" .One Year ago i was just trying to figure out how to rank on google , and boom i ranked and i made 37 dollars right away as amazon affiliate .But , i have abandoned my site because i am not interested in the subject and i aimed for something bigger than that which i am working on now .So , i will give sure procedure to start making money online rig
October 27, 2019
Dear AllFirst , Congratulations to me -of couse - for being 3 years in WA.Second I will continue , mainly , because of the great suport and security and hosting prices .Third, i will be really honest in this , actually while there are many great videos and learning material that made it easy for me to rank any article on google to the first page in SERPS , i have really noticed that three things need improvement 1- Due to my time imitations , i have a work and barely have time to write or lea
IntroductionHellow Guys ,Having Problems writing good content ? Boring ? Time Problems ?Well, The solution is very simple .Here is an Awesome 24 hrs daily plan for you :7 hrs 49 min Sleep8 hrs 17 min Facebook1 hr 33 min for eat , bathroom , ...27 min working .2 hrs 16 min diving in the car devided into 1 hr 4 min in traffic jams and 1 hr 12 min just driving around.1 hr 52 min thinking about how hard life is.1 hr 46 min gossipping about others .Total = 24 hours Am i joking ? Well , actualy i a
Hello WA Folks,We always search for an easy way to do our things. By our nature as humans , we are inclined to use the easy , less effort ways .And Here is the disaster ..... SPAMMy facebook account was hacked .I was looking for an easy way to install facebook pixels on my dropshipping store . While browsing the web , i have found a rank #1 youtube video from a guy who installed and still using it.I got enthused because the link provided by the guy to Facebook for Woocommerce plugin was not an
October 26, 2018
Hellll OOOOOHi, folks Today , i am celebrating 2 years with WA , The great affilliate marketting community with Great Teachers .Well i did not make much money withen these two years , but i am making few dollars here and there . The most important thing is that i have learned , i have learned how to make a website , write articles and rank them , then monitise the website , i have got 20 visitors to my blog every day .I consider that as greatness by itself . My site was just a trial , a test to
October 30, 2017
Making My First SaleHowdy WA fans ,It is Sam-K , for the people who do not know me , I am an engineer and researcher from Jordan .Today I would like to share with you my humble experience at WA and I would like to celebrate my first sale .I will help people who are still not ranking .I would like to share my experience and errors to avoid when it comes to ranking . I have learned that the hard way .In addition , I will make you rank in an easy way ,read on ,.Celebrating The Success I have made
I have discovered a way to make verification of site ownership on word press without the need for ftp .Well , there is a plug in called "WP Site Verification tool" Version 1.0.5 | By paul Bearne and it worked great for google webmaster file upload .Also I tried it with ebay , and I verified my site in the same way .Try it and Any questions regarding this I will be glad to help
I Have been in here since a month approximately , I am now in level 2 lesson 10 . I believe I have made great progress in the training although I have created something that seems very difficult to get traffic to , that's is " Mobile Phones " niche , BUT sometimes you have to stop being scared and just go for it .Either it will work or it won't .That's Life .Every one you meet has something to teach you, I am proud of all the people in this community .My new web site got indexed by google in ve