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About the content of my site?

About the content of my site?

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I've been focusing on the Online Certification course and just completed the second phase of it, generating traffic. But I was thinking about one thing in my site which is http://t

Great info in the answers to this question. I am taking notes. Glad I am following you.

Hey Jesse, little off topic but I checked out your site, pretty good!
You should be able to rank 1st in no time at all for your domain name.
truth of building muscle 196 34 10 98 this was a search I did in Jaaxy that shows your domain name has relevant searches on average of 196 a month and only a competition score of 10 which is insanely low, as you write content you will own first spot for this search. Lots of great opportunities for posts that will rank high.
" Building muscle for women" had 327 monthly searches which is really good and even better a comp score of only 137, anything under 200 is good. Lots more where that came from So you have lots of material that you can write about that will rank high with lots of traffic. Have fun and good luck, Mike.

Thank you for the insight Mike. I'm already starting to see the big picture how to handle this site and complete my vision, just needs some fine tuning. Happy to know that there is such an "open spot" for this niche since I thought its quite popular thing to write about.

- Jesse :-)

Some posts are random "stuff" that talk about the topic, providing insights or ideas. Other posts may be specific product reviews through which you can use affiliate links.

It sounds like you are asking if you should create a subset of pages under the Exercise page (or any other page). I think I've seen that once.

What I decided to do was to develop categories under each page and then assign each post to one or more categories. This gives me a "roll" of blog posts within the category. I've added the categories under the page through Dashboard / Appearance / Menus. This might satisfy what you are asking.

Take a look at my site: http://coolbaseballmemorabilia.com and see.

Thank you so much for answering! You hit the spot right on what I was asking for. So basically when I make a new post I can link it with the correct page which share the same topic. Lets say for example I do a post about corrective deadlifting (which is an exercise) I could make the post with the low hanging keywords and link it to the Exercises Page? And I'd have a similar menu as in your site on the left side with a drop down menu where you've organized the posts to relative Pages.

Pardon me I'm a bit "green" with this wordpress stuff. Anyway thank you for the example and answer :-)


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