Made 525$ Last Month - 10 months progress report

Last Update: September 01, 2015

I joined wealthy affiliate 10 months ago. I had no experience with any of this internet marketing stuff and stumbled here because of pure luck.

At first this site gave me so much hope and something new to strive for and the idea that I could actually make money through my efforts was an intriguing concept I have to admit!

At that point I made a promise myself to write my first blog post when I've made some money through my efforts learned here at WA.

And the day has finally come!

So to give a bit of perspective, I started at November 2014 and I basically had no traffic whatsoever for the first 6-7 months. I mean NOTHING at all.

It was really difficult to stay motivated since I put a decent amount of work to my website and I was not seeing ANYTHING.

But somehow I just convinced myself to continue eventhough I had couple of 2-3 week layoffs between writing content.

The turning point happened in May when my website was aged 6-7 months.

I started actually getting rankings in google, 2nd and 3rd page mostly.

On June my first sale came in and I made 70$ from it.

On July I made my second sale and made the same 70$ from it.

On August I made total of 13 sales and made 525$ from them.

At this point my website is getting around 100 organic visitors per day.

As my website kept aging google started to trust my site more and more and through posting regularly it ranked me better.

And it's worth to mention that all of these sales are coming through PRODUCT REVIEWS so you really should put all your efforts into them instead of just writing informative articles.

Don't get me wrong you can make also sales through informative articles but atleast to my experience product reviews are the place where the money is at.

I'm making this post since I know that many of you who are just starting out need hope because I was exactly in the same position as you are couple of months ago.

I hope this post gave a bit of motivation and information to all you guys and girls that are just starting out.

Like mentioned myriad times here at WA this is not a get rich quick scheme, you have to give it time to grow.

If I can do this, so can you!

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Spot on young sir. Keep the momentum going. You are well on your way. This is just the beginning. We all look forward to more of your success here and abroad:)
saco Premium
thanks a lot!
starita70 Premium
Thank you so Saco for sharing your success as an affiliate and helping us all here in WA.
saco Premium
No problem! I just wanted to give my two cents since I know it might be hard to continue powering through when you don't see any results at all!
SteveWong Premium
Good job bro. Keep it going!!
saco Premium
Thanks a lot :-)
Yeaaaahhhhhh! Congrats Sir.
saco Premium
thank you
KFowler Premium
Awesome, congrats! $525 is pretty good money and it sounds like that's only going to build!

It just goes to show that you have to keep at it no matter what and you will see results. I can't wait to make my first bit of revenue.

Good luck in your future.

saco Premium
Yeah it's definately going to just build up from here! Thanks a lot Kyle and everything good for you :-)