1st Month Sales!

Last Update: November 29, 2018

Although I have sold many of my 5 books on Amazon & Kindle Publishing via the Amazon site, I have never before seen the amount of sales that I have in the past month of my becoming a Premium Member here at WA.

Because of that fact, I have upgraded to being a Yearly Member with the Black Friday Deal!

Huge Thank You to Tony Lee Hamilton (My referrer/mentor & friend) and to the Wealthy Affiliate training as well!

I look forward to learning and earning while providing friends with my knowledge and experience through my 5 books that I have published.

Thank you,

Russ Husted

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SJeyaratnum Premium
Thanks Russ encouraging I am new to WA trying to build the website. My Wife has published a Piano learning book 1 and publishing the 2nd book also on Amazon the sales are slow. I am trying to market it once the website is built. Hope I will be able to market it. All the best Russ.
Sruffey Premium
This is definitely the best platform to learn and sale anything. Maybe I need to write me a couple of Ebooks. All I can say is you give me drive to open another website on selling E-Books. Thanks for the insight on just another idea on what to next. Thanks Sruffey
DShort Premium
Well done Russ upwards and forwards
ExpatMark Premium
Way to go Russ. Looks like 2019 gonna be a bust out year for you.
BruceFleming Premium
Great Going! Keep on rocking.
AlanJE Premium
Great results Russ, Alan
mbouteiller Premium
Whooohooo Russ! You're really rockin the boat.

Congratulations on your 5 book sales and on becoming a Premium Member!!

Tony is awesome and has helped me too.

lesabre Premium
Sounds awesome
GailLowe Premium
Congratulations on publishing 5 books to start with. And for becoming an annual member. I'm sure you will see all the benefits. All the best. Gail
smartm2018 Premium
Congratulations! That’s very impressive indeed.
HeidiY Premium
Hi Russ do you also sell your ebooks on Clickbank? I am working on one now, it’s an area I’m hoping to make some extra money with but just wondering where’s best to sell it through once it’s done.

Any help appreciated.
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Russ!

Wise decision!

Said by another yearly member :)