I Probably Need A Booster

Last Update: June 14, 2019

Earlier this week I read a member's post about the success he has just begun to have on his site. I was motivated and at the same time, made aware of the amount of work I still need to put in.

I think I probably need a booster. He has over 100 posts on his blog. I have about 25 on my niche site and 5 on my MMO site.

So as I continue on SAC, I try to balance doing the boothcamp training and keeping up to date with the SAC requirements. I am still behind on my posts though, wwwwaaaayyyyy behind.

Each day I plan to finish a post but each day something else appears that takes its place. I'm trying to figure out how to turn this around and get all my posts done for the July deadline. Reading some other members' posts I realize that I am not as organized or scheduled as I could be. Maybe making a roster would give me the boost I need.

Writing comes easy to me most times - once I begin. It's easier when I know what I am talking about and can write from my head and not have to constantly stop and check my notes. I know that that is one of my hindrances.

I haven't found a way to defeat that problem yet but I must if I am to succeed.

So if I check, I can say that most of the other stuff is done. I still have to go to Canva and do the necessary. I need to learn to master Canva too.

One plus I have gotten from this SAC/Boothcamp experience is that I have come to better understand the world of affiliate marketing and how to go about promoting products. It is one of the things that stymied my progress on my niche site.

Email marketing is still an issue and I hear so much these days about landing pages and click funnels. Still to figure out those three so that I can begin seeing some traffic. When that happens there will be a celebration.

That's where I am folks. Hope that your story is much better as we come to the end of another week. I'll be signing out soon until tomorrow night.

In a few hours the Sabbath begins and my focus shifts for the next 24 hours.

All the best to you then.

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SStubbins1 Premium
Russell, I appreciate you being honest with yourself and with us. But take it one step at a time. I am not where I would like to be either but "then there's tomorrow," each day brings its own challenges for each and every person. Take a breather, refocus; you now yourself sit down, write you out a schedule and stick to it. Put the most important thing 1st and then go from there. This is not a race, you are building a business . What's important is that you lay the right foundation. You're doing exceptionally well. Keep up the good work.
RussellO1 Premium
Thank you for encouragement Sharon. I will keep it in mind.
FKelso Premium
You are getting there....keep it up.

A hint on Canva...watch one or two of the beginning tutorials, as that will really help.
RussellO1 Premium
I appreciate that hint Fran.
Amelita Premium
I am the same way for sure! The writing flows fast and furious when writing from my head. The way I get around this is through study.
Not heavy studying but light review.

So lets say I am doing a review on something that I know nothing about. I read about the product to get an overview. Then, I go to their specific website and study their homepage making sure to "jot down" the highlights.

Now when I say "jot down" this means that I jump over to my post and create a list essentially making the list items the headers.

Now that I have a good understanding of the product, I go to my post and fill in the paragraphs under the headers that I already created. Some of the paragraphs can be just one sentence even. Just do your best there.

When you are done with that, you can add any extra elements or promo product info then see what your wordcount is.

If you have 300 more words to fill in, now is your chance to add the details and sell the key points you want to make. This usually requires more investigating and some note taking. Luckily, most of the post is now done therefore taking away the stress or cause for stopping before starting.

Review posts are easy with this strategy, well for me that is. Hope this helps you also. It is important to have many review posts within your website.

Hope this helps :)
Happy writing
RussellO1 Premium
Thank you Amelita. This follows the method I use for study and research so it will really work for me. Didn't think about entering the topic heading immediately. I can see how that will help speed up the work.
Amelita Premium
Oh, glad to help. This method gives you a clear outline and helps speed up the process for sure :)
All the best to you, looking forward to hearing more of your success stories Russell.
AwhituGirl Premium
It will all fall into place eventually. I get how it looks as though some people are doing alot better than others and are super organised but its all a process.
RussellO1 Premium
Sure is Pam. At times I feel as though am just marking time. But am moving, though slowly, am moving.
AffMktgRt Premium

Thanks for the update, wish you can overcome any hindrances.

If you are interested about CF we can talk via PM, I am very happy with their product line and training.

RussellO1 Premium
Thank you Gabriel.