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August 09, 2020
A week ago I received aproval to promote an affiliate program. I was delighted. I was also offered the use of pre-written articles.Tonight I got an email from him stating a condition under which the article can be used. It involved the term "no index".Below is a copy of the email.The EmailThe bottom line is this: if you're using myarticles to promote Marriage Fitness, you mustcode the URL's that contain those articles "noindex." That's easy to do; simply place thefollowing meta tag into the <
Wow, wow. This is gonna be short, but wow, I gotta share. I gotta share this news. I am excited. This is probably the most excited I have been since I became a WA member and saw my first website online.I know, I know, to some of you there'll be that shake of the head and the smirk and the rye comment "so what is he so excited about?"And I understand. You've been there, done that. But this is my first and I am relishing it, so.....SharingI am into my third year at WA and speaking truthfully, mos
So I decided to become more active in giving site comments. This I had avoided for a long time because in my early experience here, I realised that not all comments were approved. I am ok with that, but tell me, what's wrong here?I gave the following comment on a site promoting a product:"I have learned the hard way that whenever a website promises something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It is easy to say that this would have cost you $599 but we are giving you a discounted pr
June 15, 2020
If you don't mind sharing your thoughts, then you should enjoy blogging. If you are blogging, then that's great. I take it however that while you blog, you are still desirous of making an income.After two years at WA, I have learned that if you don't know this, then it would be quite difficult to see any significant income come from your blog.My ExperienceYou may be wondering what is it you need to know. Hold on, I'm gonna tell you. Let me share my story and you should get it there.I, like most
Hi guys, I know that there are many of you here who would have experience in this and know how to do it, so am reaching out for your help.On visiting my Wordpress back office I was advised that my theme needs updating. I was told however that I should use 'child themes' instead of 'parent theme' to ensure that I do not lose any of my customization. I read up on 'child themes' but got lost from the time they went into codes. Is there a way to do the needful without going through all the Wordpres
January 15, 2020
I was surfing a paid ad platform last week, when, as i clicked on an ad, what could I see pop up but my profile page here at WA. I was stunned! I wondered, "can they really do that"?Here it was, big and bold before me, my own picture and page staring back at me. I asked myself if I had done the ad and forgotten that I had. I looked at the name of the advertiser and no, it was not mine. I concluded that if someone was promoting WA he had to be a member here, so I checked. No luck. The username f
November 19, 2019
It's the talk of the Wealthy Affiliates. One of every few blogs posted talks about this event. I received a detailed message for Kyle about it. So I ask, black Friday, what's that about?I must say that I have heard the term a few times but never paid it much attention. I realize now that it has to do with sales and an increase in sales.So is this a holiday like Christmas or is it just a time when businesses offer great deals to their customers and therefore sales soar?For someone without an ema
One of the promises given as an incentive for joining this WA community is that the members are very helpful to each other.Since becoming a member I have been able to witness the truthfulness of that statement. I think that it's appropriate that I pay tribute by saying "here's to helpful members".Benefits of sharing have come to learn that as you share with others, you yourself is rewarded. No matter what you share. The reward may differ from case to case but it is there. For the man who share
Earlier this week I read a member's post about the success he has just begun to have on his site. I was motivated and at the same time, made aware of the amount of work I still need to put in.I think I probably need a booster. He has over 100 posts on his blog. I have about 25 on my niche site and 5 on my MMO site.So as I continue on SAC, I try to balance doing the boothcamp training and keeping up to date with the SAC requirements. I am still behind on my posts though, wwwwaaaayyyyy behind.Eac
Well the 20th May has come and gone. The first month of the Super Affiliate Challenge is over. Am I satisfied? Nnnnaaaaahhhhh.I am wayyyy behind. I haven't completed my 12 posts. As a matter of fact, I have only completed 1 and am about 350 words into the second. As I said, wwwwaaaaayyyyy behind.How I got here I excitedly signed up for the SAC. I always boasted that I loved challenges. Plus that, I wasn't going where I wanted to or doing as I thought I should. The SAC should help me get there.