​The power of Facebook and the power of Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: April 04, 2014

Today I had a talk with my friend who had his own website. He first launched it about 3 years ago. His website has nothing to do with making money. He is just writing artciles daily and drives traffic from Facebook. He showed me his Google analytics and I was really impressed because most of his visitors were returning visitors (61%). An amazing part of it is that 80% of his traffic comes from Facebook! Yes, from Facebook only! His daily minimum traffic is between 300-500 uniques. Every other 5,6 days his traffic reaches 1000-1500 visitors a day! And most of his visitors are Facebook fans! I was really amazed because I’d never seen this before. This again proves that Facebook if used in the right way can bring a lot of traffic to a website. My friend has a good experience in driving traffic but still unaware of many things that seem clear and simple to us because we are WAers! I gave him a few recommendations that I learned from Wealthy Affiliate, from Kyle, Carson and all WA members and he was very happy to get all this knowledge for free. Thank you Kyle and Carson for educating us and giving us a strong filling and confidence of being ahead of many others.

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rufat Premium
I had no such an intention but I'll see what I can do... thank you :)
nomda ploom Premium
I can smell a referral for you there somewhere- bring this guy along for sure- sounds like he has lots to offer, Rufat- Andy
webBIZ44 Premium
Very cool that you were able to help your friend!
Karyskis Premium
I can see with certain topics, FB would be really helpful.
archan Premium
Yes they are ahead, but don't seem to do much on my Facebook.