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Last Update: June 21, 2018

Joining WA seems to be much like growing up in Chicago during the 1940's and 1950's. Getting along with others and learning new things are of paramount importance. Every day then and now have had stepping stones on our course of learning, growing and achieving in our development. There will always be rules and challenges in our life journey. Plus we can always use help and encouragement, from older or more experienced and concerned people in our life.

I was born in Chicago Illinois and grew up at 5350 S. Halsted. It was a time when everyone treated each other much like family. Much like our WA organization.

We went outside to play. We got dirty & we didn't eat fast food except White Castle's as a special treat. We played Simon Says,Hopscotch, Mother May I, Red Light/GreenLight, Hide & Seek, Jacks, Street Football, Roller Skating, RedRover, Red Rover, Marbles, Tag, Dodge Ball, Volley Ball (No net), GoFish, Old Maid, Cops & Robbers, Cowboys & Indians and raced against each other in the street.

Each of those games had rules and skills to learn in order to succeed, much like the training here at WA.

Back then we went to the Park to, fish,swim, play ball and stayed for 6 to 7 hours at a time. The street lights were your curfew. School was mandatory. We watched our mouths around our elders, and most times couldn't even talk around them because we knew If you DISRESPECTED ANY GROWN UP, you were gonna get punished.

Today with WA we may not have a curfew however, we need to take control of our daily time. It is important to use our time wisely and consistantly in order to to keep our life balanced. This is where I have a struggle. I need to set aside a block of time to finish my WA training when I am fresh and awake. Instead of attempting to do it late at night when I am not as able to focus and take much longer to understand and finish each section in a timely fashion.

It is also inportant for me to make consistant quality time for my wife, family and friends. Because, no matter how prosperous I become in this adventure with WA it will all for naught if I lose them. So therefore, I need to find the proper balance for all areas of my life. Which I belive will enable me to sucessfully encourage my family and friends to join and be be productive members of MA.

Hopefully, all members of WA will learn to be symmetrical in all areas of their lives and will be able to achieve the fullness of all that WA has to offer.

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Trujunco Premium
Great fan of this post Robert. There in good teaching is the value of a story...and reminiscing of your youth is enjoyable for me.
As everyone here in comments I struggle to define and organize the day. Two points that have come to me through other members posts that I find value in:
1.) The recording of goals and journaling them through out the day and week. Bullet journals do nicely and I have started creating one for myself. This allows me to look into how I function and use my time .
2.) taking fifteen minutes and doing a stretch and breathing exercise periodically throughout the day keeps me refreshed in pursuing my agenda when I have reached a point of tired or weary...In this case a mental eye recess.

Finally there is nothing that I enjoy more than time with my family...but I do very much enjoy this process.

Enjoy your week and shine brilliant, my friend!

Respectfully David
Wealth2018 Premium
Great post. Personally for me it is early morning. Once early afternoon hits, I have a difficult time tackling anything that requires all my brain cells so do tasks that are less important or not on a deadline.

I think we all perform better at certain times and the trick is to find the one that works for you (assuming that all other factors fall in place such as someone not demanding your time or attention at that particular moment).

Thanks for sharing.
jennyjewel Premium
Great post Robert, the good old days, life was so much simpler.
Time management is what I struggle with, not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. I agree family is most important, I don't know how I would manage with all those grand kids and great grand grand kids, you must be a very busy man LOL. All the best.
MichalB Premium
Hello Robert,

Very Nice article.

It is always important to find the specific part of the day where we are most productive.
I struggle with this issue as well. On top of it we have all distractions around us, so it is very challenging.

Thanks for sharing
Have a great one
AlanJE Premium
Yes family and friends are the best thing. Good post thanks for sharing, Best Alan