TikTok A "Quick Cash" Platform?

Last Update: March 24, 2021

This will be a short one about Tik Tok, no 101 today. But the observations during 1 month of engagement on the platform is the huge number of "Wannapreneurs".

Just Do This And You Will Earn $1K Or More In 24 Hours!

The number of people promoting and believe in quick cash and easy money is overwhelming. There are a lot of posts that are made by people who clearly don´t understand that it takes some time to build a foundation of predictable income when you start with online marketing/online business.

Everybody Else Does It So Not Me

Further, there are many that believe that they will automatically be accepted by the affiliate programs they apply for. When they do not get accepted, they post a negative video about that affiliate program and their product.

I asked one person, who had been rejected by a well-reputed affiliate program, as described above, if he had tried any of the other products from that company, except the one product he had bought from them. He hadn´t and he didn't know what the company or the product was about at all.

A Lot of Gold Diggers And Misinformation

Tik Tok is a good platform to engage in if you are serious with your business and provide quality content to it. It can be easy to be tempted to do as all the others do and dive into the same habits as the misinformers and gold diggers on the platform.

What we learn at Welathy Affiliate, good value content, with tangible advice is the content that gets a consistent number of likes, views and follows.

Authenticity, honesty and transparency are what wins the game anytime. My advice if you want to engage on Tik Tok is to use the same framework we learn here.

Pu the acquired knowledge from Wealthy Affiliate and show others how to apply it on Tik Tok.


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BG1024 Premium
I resonate with this post completely. Every other time I scroll a video its make money fast with little to no effort. Programs being promoted by people who you can smell haven't a clue about all the products.

This article made me think about changing the way that is... creating great niche videos with helpful information and "inviting" an audience to my site. It seems its all landing pages or sales pages with no real evergreen content that is being promoted.

Thanks again for great perspective.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Your description fits well with the majority of the videos and accounts that promote a product within the MMO niche. The gems are there, but you need to take time to find them and filter them out from all the other noise.

I am re-positioning myself a bit in relation to my content on TikTok. After learning the platform, and trying different MO´s , I am adjusting my TikTok MO, and will focus on one, maybe two products, but with the same core message; how to get started and leverage your online marketing (Affiliate marketing).

drjec Premium
I had a fun surprise yesterday. A friend at my in-laws house ran up to me and said told me she saw me on Tittok and loved it. That was a shock. I have invented kind of an ugly old man character who offers one liners - people seem to like it but I was shocked that she knew it was me.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Excellent take on ti, Jim. I haven´t really found my groove yet. Need to work on it a bit more. But I get around 250 til 280 views on the videos fairly quickly, and it is consistent.

Of course, there is the one occasional video that "bombs", but it doesn´t impact the numbers.

Christorv Premium Plus
Quick cash - where is it Roy, I cant find it anywhere - ahh I need that pot of gold noooow lol 🤣 Ahh, I can get to it by gaining knowledge, and applying it one step at a time - back to reality I am
JeffreyBrown Premium
I want it NOW, Christorv! 😂
lesabre Premium
Hi Roy, appreciate the share.

All the best,
roysinOnline Premium Plus
My pleasure, Michael.

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Thanks Roy.