Wealthy Affiliate Annual Membership Benefits (Black Friday Deal Is Near)

Last Update: October 24, 2019

Today I want us to discuss Wealthy Affiliate annual Membership and I want us to look at the benefits of being an annual member.

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I took the monthly membership, and Then because I quickly realized that I wanted to stick around here for a while, I had to make a quick decision and sacrifice some things.

Because I Joined In December, I had To Treat Myself

I joined in December and I had been saving so I could treat myself for Christmas. Now, I had a choice, either I get myself some fancy makeup, perfume, a dress, a pair of shoes, a handbag for Christmas, or get myself an opportunity to finally build my own online business. I of course chose the latter.

To be honest if I had stuck with the monthly membership, chances are I wouldn't be here today because from January up to now we ( my husband and I) have had many things that required extra finances. So I think going annual when I did was the best thing I could have done for myself.

So Wealthy Affiliate Annual Membership, what are the benefits?

The first benefit is that you save a lot of money by going annual, when I calculated $49 per month, it came to about $588 per year. But when you go annual, you only pay $359 per year and if you take advantage of the up coming Black Friday deal, you will save even more.

Because of being in the Wealthy affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge 2019/2020, I have been able to review many products and by doing so I have learned a lot of things. My eyes have been opened to the kind of training programs that are out there and how much they cost.

Also, I have been able to compare, the kind of services we get here at Wealthy Affiliate, and I have been able to value the tools that we get here. If you really want to do affiliate marketing seriously, then I urge you to not let the Black Friday offer pass you by.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Offer, Is Your Chance

This is your chance to lock yourself for a whole year and work on your business with no worries. I was breaking it down for a post I was writing the other day and if they are going to offer us $299 again, it comes to about $0.83 per day. That is less than a cup of coffee (or in my case a cup of tea)

Its very easy to get stuck when you are a monthly member because we know that there are some months you try to calculate things and the budget just doesn't allow you to pay for all your bills so you have to decide which bills to keep pending.

Access to all pieces of training and tutorials from members.

As we know there are some pieces of training and tutorials here that are set for annual members only. If you didn't know, when you create training here at Wealthy Affiliate, you are given option to choose who can access your training.

Some choose to give access to all members, some chose to give access to only premium members, some choose the 6-month members and there are some that choose to give access to only annual members. So to make sure that you are able to view everything that is created on this platform, you need to grab the annual membership.

You Will Have Time To Learn Without Panicking

By grabbing the annual membership, you will be able to take your time and learn slowly, I have noticed that when you are not worried about not being able to pay for your membership, you are relaxed and you absorb the lessons better.

Because you know you can even go back and start the training all over, because you have time to do so. But if you are unsure about your membership, your mind is not at rest and so you make many, mistakes and you get frustrated.

I noticed after paying my annual membership, I was able to learn easier and I was able to write my articles with ease. And as we know, if you are productive on your website, things will move quicker.


The annual membership here at Wealthy Affiliate, is the best thing you can do for your online business. So think about it and start saving up for the Black Friday deal.

But if you are OK with being a monthly member, that is OK too, it's what works best for you that matters.

OK, so I am done, now it's your turn, what do you think about the Wealthy Affiliate annual membership? Please share your thoughts below and don't forget to hit the like this button.

Thank you so much for your time, for your likes, and for your comments :)


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Wdcope Premium
Good explanation and I am getting ready for it also. I became an annual member last Black Friday after 6 months of monthly, and it made perfectly good sense.
Roseblogger Premium
Yeah, let's wait and prepare
RussellO1 Premium
You have stated it clearly and the advantages are glearing. I also like that you did not discourage those who can only afford the monthly fee. I started off monthly and converted to yearly after about three months.

Roseblogger Premium
Of course, I would never discourage the monthly members, its whatever works for a person and what they can afford, but I must put the word out there so people can consider the annual, membership if they are able to.
DMahen1 Premium
Great post, I'm ready for it!
Roseblogger Premium
perfect, lets wait for it.
Joes946 Premium
Rose, great post and advice!
Roseblogger Premium
Thank you, Joe.
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Great post! I would like nothing better than to pay for a year's membership but as it is I am panicking, wondering if I can make the next month payment! Unfortunately, I have nothing laying around. I will just have to try my best to do it monthly until such time when I can do yearly payments. I happen to agree that that is the ideal situation.

Roseblogger Premium
Thank you, Claudia, it's OK, just work with what works for you and then in time you can go yearly.
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Yes...that's my intention for the time being!