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OK, I am not sure if this is a rant but we shall see. I recently came across a negative Wealthy Affiliate review, I was just minding my own business on these online streets, but I could not resist reading the review because the date shown on the review was April 2021.My main focus was to see if it will state facts and include the updates that Wealthy Affiliate has introduced in recent months, or it will just be another trashathon of this wonderful community. I have seen many other negative Wea
Good afternoon guys (it's afternoon here in Greece) When you are a new member of this platform, and you are considering promoting Wealthy Affiliate, there are many questions you ask, one of them being, does Wealthy Affiliate pay? As a matter of fact, I was asked this very question by someone who was considering joining WA, he asked me '' it all sounds good, but does Wealthy Affiliate Pay?'' I had shared with him the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate, I told him that he can even decide to
Hello there my WA family, do you know how to create YouTube shorts and TikTok videos in Canva? In my previous article where I talked about YouTube shorts and Pinterest Story pins. I got comments that inspired me to create a tutorial showing you how to create TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts in Canva without showing your face.The tutorial is easy to follow(I think) and I sure hope it will help you start creating some videos.Creating YouTube Shorts And TikTok Videos In Canva Is EasyIt's very easy
I first heard about story pins a few days ago so I decided to create one story pin, it was just 3 pages ( you can add up to 20 pages) Although story pins are not clickable, meaning you can not add your URL as we do with other pins, it will drive traffic to your Pinterest account which could have an overspill effect.By overspill, I mean people will check out your other pins that contain your links, and maybe some of them will click your links and go to your website or to your offers. The screens
Hey my WA Family, this is just a quick one to share something that happened to me a while back. There is a website and a YouTube channel that I follow, and the topic they cover is something I have gone through.I watched one of their interviews on YouTube, and there were some questions raised in the interview that I thought I could answer, so I felt encouraged to share my experience. I contacted the person in charge of the website on Instagram and told her that I was willing to write an article
OK, I would like us to discuss something that has been on my mind lately, is there ethics in affiliate marketing? Like do we really care about the people we are selling to or is it just about making a sale? Do we respect their time? Do we think of them as people and not as prospects?Ethics in affiliate marketing is something that has occupied my mind lately. I have been struggling a lot lately, mainly because of the things I see on TikTok. To be honest with you, some affiliate marketers there (
Hey my WA family, have you heard of The Penny Hoarder? I am sure you heard when the Wirecutter sold to The New York Times for 30 million dollars. But this latest sale has broken the record in affiliate marketing websites, I came across this news just now on YouTube.The Penny Hoarder Has sold for 102 million dollars that was the title of the video by this YouTuber/Affiliate Marketer that I follow on YouTube.When I saw his latest video I thought he made a mistake on the title of the video. So I w
Hello there my dear WA family, Today I want to share the top 10 best apps to help you up your social media game. But before we get into it, this is my very first post in 2021. I want to wish you an amazing year full of success. With these top 10 best apps, hope your online business will reach the highest level in 2021, let's hope that we will have an awesome year. One thing is for sure there is no better time than now to own an online business.The Top 10 Best Apps To Help You With Your Social M
I have just upgraded my profile photo here at Wealthy Affiliate. I am getting ready for 2021 because I have a feeling it's going to be a great year for online businesses.We sure have come a long way. When I first joined WA, I did not even want to use my own image. I used an image of a puppy that I found here at WA's library.When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I Did Not Trust ItI figured, what's the point of putting my image, I will be deleting this account soon anyway once I find out this program
Well, although its not a big amount, I must celebrate because its still a payment. A while ago I created a training on how to claim your website on Pinterest.When I created that tutorial, I just did it to help out anyone who might have a problem with claiming their website on Pinterest, especially the beginners here at Wealthy affiliate. I never thought that I could generate some money with it.I mean its nothing special, its just a simple tutorial. Yet this morning I received a message that rea