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Where is my siterubix website?

Where is my siterubix website?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I just purchased a domain and moved my siterubix site over to it, however when I try to access it I am being prompted to create a new website. Can one of you tech pros please e

Hi Claudia, glad you got your new domain sought out,

Best regards.


hi Claudia ... super question & all questions are good ones here...

sounds like it's all resolved ... wonderful! ....

all the best for every Success, cheerio .. :)

Hello, thank you for weighing in! Yes it has been resolved and everything is fine now.

To your success!


Hi Clauidia, seems like patience paid off.

All the best,

Hi Micheal, how have you been? Yes it's ok now but not because of my patience!

Best regards

Hi Claudia, been doing well. How about you. Glad you got things sorted out.

All the best,

it takes a little while to get all the details across to your new site - i would give it 24 hours - if it still isn't available then get in touch with site support to sort this out
good luck
i hope it become available before then

Hello Phil, as usual, patience is not my most endearing quality. It all came across a few minutes after I asked the question. I am praying for patience!

thanks for helping!


you may need to develop that trait for the future, it does take time for things to happen on this side of the web...
glad it is sorted...
keep at it and you will get there

Yes......I will get there..... :)

Hi Claudia. Welcome. Once you have purchased your own domain, everything from siterubix site is moved and won't be able to access it. This is how I understand it. Good luck I wish you all the best.

Thanks for your response. It has been worked out! All the best to you too!

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Where is my website cpanel?

Where is my website cpanel?

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Everything Wordpress

Someone is designing a website for me and needs access to my website's cpanel. Where do I find this and give access?

You can provide your Designer with a WordPress Admin Account as well as FTP details if really required.

FTP can be found from Websites -> SiteManager -> Details (on the appropriate website)

A new user can be created by logging in to WordPress and clicking on Users -> Add New

Thank you Christopher! That sounds easy enough for even me!


You're welcome Claudia :-)

WA doesn't have a user-accessible control panel except for Websites > SiteManager. Everything not covered there has to be done through Site Support

Thank you very much! Information noted.

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Why don't I have anymore scans in jaaxy?

Why don't I have anymore scans in jaaxy?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I went to check on my site's ranking in Jaaxy and was told that I have to upgrade to use the service. Is there a limit?

Yes there is a monthly limit. Not sure how much. Thanks Jen

Try it again. And let us know.

It did not work at all

Have you asked the site support?

I’m not 100% certain, but I think you only get so many each month.

I am sure someone will give us the answer soon

I’ve wondered that myself, thanks for asking, Claudia


Yes...it was a bit perplexing especially since I have not used the service in a while

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