Ask Not What Wealthy Affiliate Can Do For You, What Can You Do For You?

Last Update: October 16, 2019

OK, so I have heard many people ask does Wealthy Affiliate work? Will it work for me? how long will it take to make money on Wealthy Affiliate after going premium? The answer is very simple, yes Wealthy Affiliate works but to answer whether it will work for you? the answer is NO!

Wealthy Affiliate will not work for you, you will have to work for yourself, yes you will learn the skills, and you will get the tools you need to build your online business, but if you don't put them to use, then nothing will happen.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate After Upgrading To Premium?

And to answer the question about how long will it take to make money after upgrading to premium, honestly that will depend on a lot of things, like the niche you choose, how much time you put on your website, how well you rank on search engines, how much traffic you drive to your website, how well your conversions are, lots of things.

The Guy Who Prayed To Win The Lottery

Have you ever heard that story about a guy who kept praying that he will win a lottery? Don't worry I am well aware of the no religious talk, just bear with me and you will see my point.

He prayed every day and nothing happened, as days went by, he got very frustrated and instead of praying he started complaining and in the end he stopped praying.

He got very angry because of the time he wasted praying and he got no results, so he decided to go and speak to a Priest, he told the Priest that Praying did not get him anywhere and he even suggested that the Priest should find a new job.

The Priest Was Saddened By The Money Lost OnTickets

The Priest was very saddened by this and he tried to comfort the guy, he said I am very sorry that your prayers were not answered, and I am sorry for the money you lost buying those lottery tickets.

The guy looked at the Priest with a blank expression, what do you mean? The Priest replied, the lottery tickets, you must have bought lots of them. The guy said well, actually I have not bought any.

What Does it Mean?

So, what is the moral of this story? you cannot say that something does not work if you have not tried it or put it to work.

The other day I was listening to someone complain about the amount of money he has spent buying books and courses to learn a trade that he wanted to learn. He complained that the methods taught, don't work, and as I listened I was very concerned about the money because he had bought some really expensive products.

One of those products was a DVD, and as he showed me, I noticed something very interesting, the DVD was still in its box, it was not opened. I asked him so how can you say the course doesn't work if you haven't even opened the DVD? to this he replied, well, I have lost interest.

Why Is It That We Are Not So Good At Investing In Ourselves?

This made me think of many things that I didn't complete and yet, that did not stop me from complaining and accusing. And the funny thing is that these things happen when we are in control of learning something to improve ourselves, something that could potentially help us become our own bosses.

I mean seriously, think about it, when you are sent by the company you work for to go for a workshop to improve your skills, don't you usually give it your all and learn as much as you can? so you put so much effort to be the best employee to earn money for someone else, but when it comes to investing in yourself and doing something for you, you(myself included) don'nt take it seriously even after spending money on it.

How Can You Say That Something Doesn't Work If You Don't Put In The Work?

So How in the world can you learn something if you don't even give it a chance?

Here in Wealthy affiliate there are all kinds of material and tools to help us build our online businesses, but if we don't put in the work and the time, then there is no way for us to learn, or earn.

And I find that most people who say that Wealthy Affiliate doesn't work, it because they don't take full advantage of the tools offered here, I have been here almost a year now and I am still finding new things on this platform not to mention that there is a piece of training added every single day.

I am Ashamed To Say This

Now this is the part that I am ashamed to write about. A few years ago, someone gave me a book by Robert Kiyosaki, the book is called Rich Dad Poor Dad. I am very ashamed to say that I really didn't read the book(well, not seriously), I just skimmed through it and now I really want to read it.

When I have some time, I will sit down and read that book, because I think it's a very helpful book.

I do however remember a quote from that book, I think it said it's good to always surround yourself with people who know more than you do. Now by being here in Wealthy affiliate, we are surrounded by people who know a lot about Affiliate Marketing.

People who can and are willing to help you scale your online business, so give it a chance learn and implement what you learn into your business.


We are lucky to be members of this community and if we follow the training, we are going to succeed, as I mentioned, even though I have completed both entrepreneur and the bootcamp training, I still find new things to learn and implement on my websites.

And I have to say Wealthy Affiliate is never boring, and it's actually very addictive, there is so much to read and to learn every single day.

Well, that's it from me, I want to hear what you think, do you still find something new and exciting even after being here for a long time? please leave your comments below.

And don't forget to hit the like this button :)

Thank you for your time and for your comments


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RosanaHart Premium
I get links in my email to the new blog posts of people I follow, and then I decide from the titles whether to read them or delete them. The title of this post made me jump right in! Good post!!
Ropesa Premium
Hahaha 😂 thank you so much, glad I caught your attention 😄👍🏻
CMKetay Premium
Outstanding post! Thank you for sharing.

Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much Christine for reading and commenting 👍🏻👍🏻
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Rose, I really enjoyed reading your post. So very true about not being good students for ourselves. I own quite a few of Robert Kiyosaki's books and I did read them many years ago. He was doing a seminar here in Australia and sharing his philosophy. A very generous and kind man. Very much like our Ambassadors.

You are actually living the idea of his book. You understand that being an employee can only get you so far and you need to swap over to a business mentality and create assets to be secure financially.
It can be a scary change but worth every minute of the effort.
Congratulations on your success.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Have a lovely productive day.

Lily 😊
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much Lily.
GGould Premium
Brilliant I really enjoyed reading this. I also just this last year got
into the writings of Robert Kiyosaki but through audible and shared them with my grandson who was coming up to 21yrs old.
He, my grandson is looking to build an online business and in the same frame of mind as myself so will be discussing your contents of the blog with him. I am already following you but will check out your other writings.
Ropesa Premium
Thank you so much, Gwen, your grandson is very lucky to start when he is still so young, he has a long and successful life ahead of him.
ExpatMark Premium
All the books, tutorials, training, mentors, trainers, coaches, and learning will not do anything for you unless you APPLY that knowledge.

Thanks for sharing Rose and we will never learn everything on this platform because it is such a dynamic and ever-changing place to earn and learn.
Ropesa Premium
Thank You Mark, you are so right, with so much material added every day, I don't think we can go through it all even after years of being here. but we must implement what we learn.