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Wealthy Affiliate Members are amazing, and in this post I want to honor two of them. In my language we have a proverb that says, you should not wait until the cow is dead to say that it used to produce lots of milk. Basically what this means is that, if somebody has done something good, then you should let them know, and thank them.Another meaning of this proverb is that people in my country have this thing where when someone passes on, they come and say how great that person was, but when th
I had mentioned the issue of stolen pins in another post but I did not go into it much because that post was about branding your pins. Today I want us to talk about how to find your stolen pins, and what to do after you find them.OK, so I had this pin, and it has been my best performing pin ever, with over 20k views, and about 1k link clicks. And then about a week ago, it's performance started dropping, and I didn't know why.So I started researching what could have gone wrong, well turns out, s
Hello, there my WA Fam, today I would like us to talk about how to add hashtags above YouTube video tittle. I want to share this with you because I spent lots of time trying to find out how to do it, and I kept finding YouTube videos that were showing how to do it but were not in English.But I was able to follow along and do it, It's actually the easiest thing you can do. I had tried adding The hashtag symbol while typing the tittle but that just put the hashtag within the tittle itself and tha
I was very excited, when I got back from Knossos, and I wanted to share with my WA Fam about my trip, but I got sidetracked by my gadgets that I had taken with me to document my trip. I had so many gadgets, and yet I only got a handful of video clips, and images that I was collecting for my new Youtube Channel.I had two phones, a camera, and a laptop, yet only the footage I took with the camera was able to transfer to the laptop. I got super frustrated, to a point where I threatened the devices
Today I had quite a productive day, I wrote and published an article to one of my websites, then I recorded a video clip to add to a footage I had, then I edited the video and Published it on My YouTube Channel.I am quite proud of myself, if I may say so myself lol.Remember To Open Links In A New TabBut the real reason why I am writing this blog, is to remind you to always check the open in new tab, when you add a link to your article. And to be honest I think some websites you have to open in
Is it just me or has the number on the airplane changed? I better put more efforts on bringing people to WA. I really would love to make it to Vegas.What does your airplane say?
There is this problem that I keep encountering on Pinterest, people are creating beautiful pins, but forgetting to brand their pins. This problem is very common especially in travel, cooking, and beauty niches. Today I want to share with you 5 reasons why you should always brand your Pinterest pins. By branding, I mean placing the name of your blog on your pin.#1 Reasons Why You Should Always Brand Your Pinterest Pins, Makes It Hard For Your Pins To Be StolenWhen you don't brand your pin, all o
Hello there my Wealthy Affiliate family, I hope you are all doing well and working hard on building your online empires. There has been lots of YouTube talk lately here in the community, and I have decided to share free video editing software, no watermark. There are many free video editing tools out here but once you use them, the final product has a watermark which makes the video look low quality, and unprofessional. So when looking for free video editing software, you want to make sure that
Hi WA Fam, I have been quiet for a while but I've been quite busy behind the scenes. So there is this little story that I have been working on. I intend to publish it as an eBook. It's my own personal experience, and a painful one I might add.I had considered posting it as a blog post on a SitRubix site but I decided against it because its not a subject that I really want to keep revisiting.And I know I might get comments and questions that I would have to answer which means revisiting. Anyway,
Hey WA fam, this is a quick post to inform you that Fiverr affiliate program has released a new plugin which is supposed to make it possible for people to search services using a search box widget on your website.The search box is in form of a plugin, which you are supposed to install, activate and then edit to add your affiliate id, after that you are to drag it and add it to a widget, then place the widget either on your side bar or wherever you like.Now, even though the idea is really cool a