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Hi WA Fam, I have been quiet for a while but I've been quite busy behind the scenes. So there is this little story that I have been working on. I intend to publish it as an eBook. It's my own personal experience, and a painful one I might add.I had considered posting it as a blog post on a SitRubix site but I decided against it because its not a subject that I really want to keep revisiting.And I know I might get comments and questions that I would have to answer which means revisiting. Anyway,
Hey WA fam, this is a quick post to inform you that Fiverr affiliate program has released a new plugin which is supposed to make it possible for people to search services using a search box widget on your website.The search box is in form of a plugin, which you are supposed to install, activate and then edit to add your affiliate id, after that you are to drag it and add it to a widget, then place the widget either on your side bar or wherever you like.Now, even though the idea is really cool a
Its been a long time since I had ads on my websites, I had activated Google AdSense on one of my sites and I had to deactivate it because I had enabled auto ads and that was a disaster, Even I the owner of the website found it difficult to navigate the website.There were ads everywhere. So now after spending time learning how to place ads, I have gone back to my AdSense account and added my website again, a different site this time and I am placing just one ad to start.And then I will place mor
I came across this idea and I thought I would share it here, because it might help someone who is struggling to write a blog post. Especially those new members who are wondering how to write a blog post. When you have finished setting up your website, it's time to write your very first blog post. You have researched on Jaaxy, and have found your 5 keywords. When I reached that point during the training, I really did not know how to start or how to word the blog post.When I Didn't Know How To Wr
Someone here at WA, just Informed me that they found my training on the first page Of Google, I am so excited, when I created the tutorial, I was just trying to help our members here at WA especially the new members, I did not even think about keywords or anything like that.As you can see on the screenshot that I am gonna attach in a second, my training is at position 4 on the first page of Google! under how to create video pins using Canva.I knew that our posts and tutorials do rank in search
Yesterday I saw a video on TikTok that blew my mind, the video has over 150 million views, I will share the screenshots in a bit. As soon as I saw the video, I thought of all the WA members running cats and dogs websites.Top 3 Niches That Are Dominating TikTok I have noticed and I think I mentioned this in my previous TiTok posts. There are three niches that are killing it on TikTok, and they are cats, dogs, and babies. If you are running a website within these niches, And you don't mind sharin
I just posted a video pin, on pinterest, took 2 minutes to be approved (used to take up to 24 hours) after approval, its been just 15 minutes and the video pin already has 650 views and one save!.Pinterest is also sending me notifications to create more video pins. If you haven't created a video pin for your article, I highly suggest you do so. Check out my tutorial on video pins here.And if you can't find the kind of video you would like on Canva, head over to pixabay, or pexels and search the
$49 per month might not seem like a lot of money to some. But to be honest, to people who live in African countries like Kenya, $49 is about 4300 Kenya Shillings. That kind of money is a lot to a common Kenyan Citizen ( meaning the minimum wage worker) So, I want to share with you two easy ways for you to be able to afford your Wealthy Affiliate membership.I really would love for more people especially young African people to be able to join this wonderful platform and learn the online skills
I just noticed that my network has risen to 1.5k, I know there are many who joined WA, after me and they have a larger network than mine, but I do appreciate a lot, the people who have chosen to add me to their networks.WA, is a great place to network with like-minded people and to have those 1500 like-minded people in my network is a blessing.My Progress So FarI have not been so productive lately because as we all know. Life does interfere, with our growth as online entrepreneurs. But I will b
So I just spent better part of my day today, going through my old posts on one of my sites(it's a habit that I have adopted). There is one particular post that has been getting a good number of clicks especially from Pinterest. I wanted to take a look at it and see if it had internal links. That is what inspired me to write this post here, and share reasons why you need to update old blog posts.The post is about a year old now, and when I wrote it I was still not so good at writing although I d