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Just a quick note to let you know that Pinterest is now favoring new content over old content, I just posted a new pin about 5 hours ago and it already has over 2k impressions and 50 clicks. It seems like the recent update they did, has something to do with this.Before the update, there were pins that were over 2 years old and they were still ranking high, but now from what I see, new pins are getting some love, lots of love actually. And the old pins are being knocked out of the rank.Bet the
Wow, That is a quarter of a million words. I can't believe I have written all that, and I am sure that number does not include my WA posts and all the comments I have left on posts. Plus the questions I have asked on this platform.I am so happy for this accomplishment, my next goal is 500k, I know I would have written even more than that, but I have had times when life just interfered and I couldn't write.Who Knew That I Could Even Consider Writing A Book?This platform is amazing, it has opened
It was nice while it lasted, I'm ranked at 49 now so I guess I will be out of the top 50 Club by the end of the day today. I am still very active and I try to answer questions or comment on blogs here at WA when I am taking a break from writing or doing other activities on my websites.Also, I have noticed my two previous posts here at WA, did not receive a lot of engagement, I don't know why, I guess the community has many blogs these days.Well, all is well, I have been trying to work as hard a
I joined Tiktok at the end of December but I didn't do anything with it because I honestly couldn't figure out how it works, But I was watching videos on there. The majority of videos on Tiktok are childish and sometimes just ridiculous.But occasionally you do come across a video that could teach you something. So, after I figured out a few things like how to use hashtags, I recorded a few videos and posted them.They did not perform well at all, I got like 20 views, and the one that got most vi
For Those who have invested in stock market, maybe you need to stop checking the stock market because things are looking absolutely depressing. We have a dear friend who had invested big money in stocks and his doctor has advised him to stop checking the stock market.That's because he is raising his blood pressure so high every time he checks on his shares. Husband and I had invested in a few shares 3 years ago as a long term investment, just a little money, and we had been watching as our shar
March 14, 2020
Just as I thought, I will be able to really do a lot of work on my websites, since we are under quarantine, the WiFi has gone.Since yesterday we’ve had no WiFi, and we are not able to do anything on our computers.The WiFi Couldn’t Be Fixed We spent the day yesterday trying to get it fixed, but the providers said that since its the weekend, they can only sort it out on Monday because, they need to send a technician to our house, since they couldn’t fix it remotely.So the only i
Obviously here at WA, we know that entrepreneurs are making money but what about out there in the world, do people take entrepreneurship seriously?I have covered this issue on one of my website, but I had to bring it up here and see if you guys have experienced the same. So there is this talk show that I love watching and there was an episode where they were discussing dating and relationships.Are Online Business Owners Percived As Lazy People?Then it was time for the audience to participate an
Hi WA Fam, I am writing this post on my phone, but I will edit it later when I get on my computer. This is a call to action directed to all starter members here at Wealthy Affiliate.If you want to benefit from the current web hosting plan we have here at Wealthy Affiliate as premium members, then you need to upgrade before 16th of March 2020.Currently we as premium members have hosting of 25 domains, and 25 SiteRubix sites. So all together you get 50 websites hosted, but, after the 16th of Marc
I was supposed to post this a couple of days ago when I reached the top 50 but I am doing it now before I am kicked out of the top 50 club so it can go in the records that I have been there. Actually I am almost out because I am at 49 right now so I guess its just a matter of time.My rank here at WA will drop these coming days because I will not be so active, as I plan to work very hard on my websites these coming days.I want to push out lots of content.The research is done, I just need to writ
I'm sure you are wondering what is she on about now? well, I will tell you in a minute. Before I get into it, I just want to say that this post was supposed to be about my recent accomplishments but we shall discuss that in another post.Because I want to talk about this before I forget it, Its something I have noticed on YouTube.Alright here we go. Do you notice how YouTube always shows you ads based on the content you've been consuming? Before I started blogging seriously, I used to go on YouT