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As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been doing some traveling and I knew I was not going to be able to do much writing, so I tried as hard as I could to complete my Super Affiliate Challenge tasks, I only missed the mark by one post so I am happy about that.Now even though I was not gonna do much writing, I did not plan on being totally offline, I intended to login with my phone and stay updated with the WA activities.How Long Can You Go Without A Phone?I had not realized just how depend
Hi there fam, I have been so busy that I did not get the time to do my 2019 update post but, I must take this time to wish all of you a happy 2020, may it be your most prosperous year yet. I will include a mini update in this post so you can get an idea as to where I am so far in my progress.New Year CelebrationsWe, here in Greece we took it easy, and just enjoyed good food with friends, and watched the fireworks. We switched between watching the fireworks on TV and watching the fire works outs
OK, so how is it possible that this 8-year-old boy has beaten all Youtubers to be named the highest earner at only 8 yeas old? and before we go any further may I also mention that the second highest earner on YouTube in 2019 is a 5-year-old girl from Russia.I woke up this morning and as I was having my morning cup of tea, to try and wake my brain up, as I was scanning through the current affairs, like I always do in the mornings, I was woken up very suddenly by an article on CNN website about t
Today Is my Wanniversary, I cannot believe how time has just gone so quickly it seems like just yesterday I was writing my first post here at WA.I Have Accomplished A lot But This Is just A Quick Post To express My Gratitude During this past year, I have managed to accomplish a lot of things but one thing that I was working really hard to accomplish before this day comes, was reaching 200k words on my site content And I am happy that my post on one of my websites last night, made me reach that
There was no way I was gonna waste time, I mean are you kidding me? this is like the hottest deal on the internet right now. I kept checking the timer on the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Official page.As soon as I saw that I can grab the deal, I did it, I actually thought I had to wait until the afternoon my time because I thought the timer on the official Black Friday Page was set on Canadian time.Now I can rest easy, and work on my websites for another year with no worries.Thank you the Wea
Mybe its not a top secret but are you ready? OK out of topic a bit, I can see that my blog count here at WA is at 59 and maybe thats what drove me to write this one, in the midle of the night. Because it drives me crazy to see a nine I need it to be 60 already lolSo Yesterday was a holiday here in Greece, actually it was not an official holiday but most places were closed so I thought, it will be my day to do some serious work on my Black Friday efforts, boy was I wrong.I sat in front of my com
OK, lets make a list of things we think we are not good at, recently I came across a very good Karaoke app, it's called Vsing, it gives you the music to the song you like and the lyrics and your job is to just sing, you can even record yourself and share your masterpiece with friends and family.I am Not Good At Singing And I Know ItProblem is I am not good at singing at all, does that stop me from singing my heart out? Nope. But I am not to blame for my love of singing, my grandmother is to bl
Hi guys, I just want to give a shout out just in case you have not read Kyle's latest post? Click Here to read it, it answers lots of questions about Black Friday and you will also learn about the bonuses.
Well, I don't know if I jinxed this post by giving it this title, I just typed 600 words and deleted the post by mistake, now I have to type everything all over again, but I will not change the title. OK, so there are a few things I want to cover and I really hope I can type everything as I did earlier because now I have lost the momentum and I have even lost some of the things I wanted to say.I would like to talk about the super affiliate challenge and share where I am so far. I also want to s
OK, so there is this little website that I work on sometimes, I just created it because I thought I have a lot of content ideas that relates to the niche. Well 18 posts later, I kind of run out of things to say, I have not abandoned the site I do try to post one article every week, well apart from this week.The site is just a few months old, its actually younger than my SAC site, so I guess I must have built it in June or July, because the SAC site I built it in April ( I think) Anyway, I rec