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OK, lets make a list of things we think we are not good at, recently I came across a very good Karaoke app, it's called Vsing, it gives you the music to the song you like and the lyrics and your job is to just sing, you can even record yourself and share your masterpiece with friends and family.I am Not Good At Singing And I Know ItProblem is I am not good at singing at all, does that stop me from singing my heart out? Nope. But I am not to blame for my love of singing, my grandmother is to bl
Hi guys, I just want to give a shout out just in case you have not read Kyle's latest post? Click Here to read it, it answers lots of questions about Black Friday and you will also learn about the bonuses.
Well, I don't know if I jinxed this post by giving it this title, I just typed 600 words and deleted the post by mistake, now I have to type everything all over again, but I will not change the title. OK, so there are a few things I want to cover and I really hope I can type everything as I did earlier because now I have lost the momentum and I have even lost some of the things I wanted to say.I would like to talk about the super affiliate challenge and share where I am so far. I also want to s
OK, so there is this little website that I work on sometimes, I just created it because I thought I have a lot of content ideas that relates to the niche. Well 18 posts later, I kind of run out of things to say, I have not abandoned the site I do try to post one article every week, well apart from this week.The site is just a few months old, its actually younger than my SAC site, so I guess I must have built it in June or July, because the SAC site I built it in April ( I think) Anyway, I rec
Today I want us to discuss Wealthy Affiliate annual Membership and I want us to look at the benefits of being an annual member.When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I took the monthly membership, and Then because I quickly realized that I wanted to stick around here for a while, I had to make a quick decision and sacrifice some things.Because I Joined In December, I had To Treat MyselfI joined in December and I had been saving so I could treat myself for Christmas. Now, I had a choice, eithe
I just noticed that I have reached 1k on my WA network, thank you so much for following me, and networking with me. I really don't know what to say other than thank you.You have walked with me this past year and you have encouraged me and answered my questions and put up with my growing pains.I thank you and look forward to networking with even more members, lets build our empires together. To our success cheers.Rose.P. S, I feel guilty for writing such a short post, because I am so accustomed
OK, so I have heard many people ask does Wealthy Affiliate work? Will it work for me? how long will it take to make money on Wealthy Affiliate after going premium? The answer is very simple, yes Wealthy Affiliate works but to answer whether it will work for you? the answer is NO!Wealthy Affiliate will not work for you, you will have to work for yourself, yes you will learn the skills, and you will get the tools you need to build your online business, but if you don't put them to use, then noth
OK, so I just noticed that I am in the top 100, I currently rank at 94, that is amazing considering how busy I have been and I have not been able to do my normal activities here at WA.I am trying to meet my content requirement for month 4 of the Super Affiliate Challenge. To be honest, I am struggling a lot this month but thank God I only have two more articles to go, I have an idea for one but I don't have an idea for the last one.Time is of the essence, I hope I can make it, so far I have not
OK, as you all know, I have been fighting the breadcrumb errors since last week, after a short break from Google Search Console, I decided to give it another go. I did not get anywhere even after watching a series of videos on YouTube.So I went back to one of my website because I remembered seeing a breadcrumb feature in the theme options menu, where it says show breadcrumb I selected no, and then I went back to Google Search Console and clicked validate fix and it worked!It says they are valid
Once upon a time, there was a girl( OK, not really a girl but full-grown woman who is obsessed with breadcrumbs) named Rose, it was on a Thursday evening and Rose was relaxing after a long day and as she always does, in the evenings, she fired up her hot pink laptop, to catch up on what is happening with her websites, and Wealthy AffiliateAs always Rose starts with checking the emails, and then checks the notifications from Wealthy Affiliate, one email was from the big brother who is always wat