WA Las Vegas Conference 2023 - Quick Summary

Last Update: Jan 28, 2023

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Last night I returned from the WA Las Vegas Conference.

I wanted to write a quick summary and thank Kyle & Carson again for the great experience.


The WA Vegas experience is always nice.

  • 5-star food (I took a few photos below)
  • Interesting conversations
  • Accommodation in a MGM King Executive Suite
  • Sharing plans for the upcoming year
  • Bouncing ideas
  • WA Swag (caps, hoodie, cup, pen, etc.)

This time I didn't take almost any photos but I believe others will be sharing a few photos later in their posts. For example, a group photo that we took last night.

The photo in the cover of this is from Panama. On my way to Vegas I had to transit flights through Panama since there are not yet direct flights from Costa Rica to Las Vegas.

Artificial Intelligence

We had a lot of conversations regarding new technologies.

Kyle & Carson are excited about the opportunities with AI = Artificial Intelligence. At the moment specifically ChatGPT has become extremely popular.

Niche Finder Tool has already been released this year and they're planning to implement more things later.

You may have noticed that ChatGPT is a powerful tool for getting ideas for literally EVERYTHING in your business:

  • Market research
  • Keyword research
  • Content & Title ideas
  • Content structure & planning
  • Etc.

Kyle showed his initial plan regarding the upcoming "business planning tool" that they're planning for WA members. Once we saw that, all of our reaction was the same, "Wow! That's so valuable! We must get this as fast as possible!" We all agreed that it would add tremendous value.

I believe Kyle will update us that as time goes by.

Yearly Upgrades

Kyle & Carson revealed the good news that more people than ever have been upgrading to the yearly membership.

As you know, when people commit to their goals for the long-term they're much more likely to achieve success.

Premium Plus is also becoming more & more popular since WA has been adding even more benefits for members.


If I remember correctly, WA Premium Plus Classes started a bit over 2 years ago.

During that time, over 400 Premium Plus Classes have been hosted and lots of valuable information has been shared. I've also hosted 10+ classes and the information you'll learn in those classes is easily worth thousands of dollars.

However, now the challenge is organizing the information in a way that it's easy to find.

At the moment, if someone wants to find for example my first classes where I show how to make money on YouTube as a beginner, it will take several clicks to find them. And if a person doesn't know how to find them, he'll probably never see them.

Therefore, Kyle & Carson have plans for organizing classes this year to make it easier to find information what you're looking for and take your skills to the next level.

I'm excited about the upgrades because Classes section has a huge potential for changing people's lives.

By the way, I'll be hosting my next class on Monday. You can subscribe below:

Success Hacks for 2023 - 3 Simple Steps to Your Success

Exciting Year Ahead!

Wealthy Affiliate continues the same path as before.

  • Improving every year
  • Adding more helpful tools
  • Helping members succeed
  • Growing the community
  • Educating people worldwide

It's a pleasure to be part of this community.

Thank you Kyle & Carson for the Vegas experience and for working hard to improve Wealthy Affiliate every year.

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From the looks of the food, I wonder how much weight everyone gained while in Vegas?

It looks so good. Kyle and Carson certainly know how to put together a good event.

Thank you for all that you do for the WA community. I’ll be hunting for your YouTube training classes soon.

Good morning Roope,

Thank you for your blog post and well done for making it to Las Vegas again. I believe you have now been to Las Vegas potentially five or six times. I believe one year was cancelled due to the spamdemic.

I'm sure it must be great fun to meet and network with like-minded people. The food looks excellent. I'm looking forward to your class on Monday.

Have a great weekend.


I like the organization of new classes, and someone else besides me will be doing the heavy lifting. This last year has shown me that I need improvement in the field of organization. I also need help with a business plan. This, is exciting stuff, and thank you, Roope, for this excellent and inspiring report!

Roope, thanks for sharing your Super Affiliate success all week in Vegas. I knew you were there. We were waiting to hear from you. The food looks good. Yummy. I am hungry already. Thanks for sharing these highlights with us. So exciting about the future of WA.

Thank you Brenda! Yes the future will be fun and exciting!

Yummy! You just made me hungry.
Happy to hear about the exciting stuff you all have for the community this year.
Thank you for the update.

Hehe 😃 The food is always so delicious in the Vegas trips

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