Make Money Online in India, Philippines, etc. (Your ADVANTAGE!)

Last Update: July 22, 2020

I spent +30 minutes to write this post for 500 words, make it nice and choose my words well...

BUT then it was deleted by a mistake, ouch! :D

So let me just be short and sweet.

If you are from India, Philippines or another country where the cost of living is not so high, making money online following the steps you learn in Wealthy Affiliate PERFECT FOR YOU.

In 2020, in the United States, the poverty threshold for a single person under 65 was an annual income of US$12,760 = $1,063/month.

If you are from India, Philippines or another country where the cost of living is not as high as in the US, you have much more purchasing power with every single dollar that you earn online.

For every dollar that you earn, American person needs to earn 3-5 times more just to acquire the same level of lifestyle as you.

I write this because recently a lot of people who have started here through my recommendation have asked,

"Is Wealthy Affiliate Good in My Country?"

YES. This is perfect in your country because every dollar that you earn will buy you much more than it would buy for example in the US.

In addition, I am not from the US myself either, so you don't need to be a native English speaker to make a life-changing income online.

I am not going to go into the details of other differences between each country but I hope that this would work for you as an encouragement because in the countries where the cost of living is lower it CAN in many cases be easier to make a living online than in the Western countries.

I understand, this is just one side of the coin but many people don't realize this so I wanted to bring this to your attention and encourage people.

I hope this serves you as an encouragement.

Keep on rocking!

- Roope "Make Money Online Worldwide" Kiuttu

PS. Yes, You can make money with the steps that you learn in Wealthy Affiliate WORLDWIDE.

That's a HUGE power of the Internet.

Internet is also one of the reasons why GDP per capita / income per person is skyrocketing in third-world countries while in many Western countries it has actually been going down during the last 10 years.

Internet gives people more equal access to opportunities than before has been possible.

PPS. I'd love to hear where YOU are from.

Leave a comment below and let me know where do you come from?

It would be fun to see. My guess is that most members are from the US but let's see. ;)

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JosonInc Premium
This question is for those who are making good money online here at WA as an affiliate person. The question is also for Roope. What is the bulk of your income as a Wealthy Affiliate member? Is it from 1) referrals or is it 2) from products you sell through your websites? Or perhaps 3) from youtube channels?

I am an American citizen with origins from the Philippines. The US Dollar does make a big difference when spent in the Philippines. I agree that if one could generate a dollar income while in the Philippines, the currency advantage will be very nice.

I have a Facebook group with over 160,000 members mostly in the Philippines and I have put Wealthy Affiliate in front of this group for them to see and try BUT there is hardly any interest generated. My opinion is that the $50 monthly cost of becoming a Premium is too much for MOST in the Philippines. There has been at least 7-10 individuals who showed interest over the last TWO years but NONE went premium.

So, it would be interesting to see HOW we can build up interest in the Philippines to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. It is my suspicion that the Premium or fee of $50 per month is the biggest hurdle.

Great and interesting post Roope.

George W E Premium
Hi Joe,
Yes its a pain when you have to balance the great income potential for you - as a marketer - against the cost that your potential customers need to pay! Aren't exchange rates great! :-)

Maybe you could run a poll of your followers and try to find out for sure if its the price that's stopping them?

All the best
JosonInc Premium
Thanks for the feedback George. I will do that. Take a survey and see why they are not participating. We cannot assume that what we think is the actual truth.

Ropesa Premium
Hey Roope, you make a very good point, I am from Kenya But Live in Greece. If someone living in Kenya can make $1000 per month, that is a good income, it translates to about 100k in Kenyan Shillings.

That is enough to live a comfortable life in Kenya, of course, that is not the case when it comes to Greece, but its still good money.

The good thing about working online, you don't necessarily have to target people in your country, being on the internet means having global access, so one could be making money by selling services to people in the US, UK, Europe Australia, the Middle East you name it.

DianeK59 Premium
Hello Roope- I'm from Florida. But I have friends in other countries and yes, we've discussed the major differences in income and needed money.
I agree with your assessment-- while we can earn the same, our spending power is vastly different. In fact, that's why some choose to retire to other countries. Many people choose to live abroad even earlier.
We see the same on the writing platforms such as fiverr. Those in less costly countries can do a specific job for much less as their cost of living is much lower.
The internet has provided a means for some in less affluent countries to rise above the normal for their region. I do wonder what the long term effect will be.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Have a wonderful day!
Jacquie8 Premium
Thanks Roope!

I remember a great teacher once talking about the internet being a great equaliser in that many people will become good friends throughout the world.
The result of this is that everyone would be far more reluctant to have wars as there would be too many family and friends in those other countries.
Now that you have mentioned this... the internet could help to equalise all countries with resources as well...

It is just a matter of having all countries reaching out to share the hand of friendship, admire and lean forward in curiosity to see our different approaches and insights, and find ways to help each other.

I think it is possible, and a great thing.

Best wishes,

Jacquie8 Premium
Oh... and I am from Melbourne Australia
skmorrow Premium
My wife and I are intrigued by the low cost of living in other parts of the world. It would be a huge undertaking to make a move. So many things to consider. I can't imagine living somewhere that $1,000/month is comfortable. Makes me think I should retire now and do it.
Zarina Premium
Apparently, Panama is a great retirement choice for many folks (retirees, digital nomads etc). I looked it up today lol
skmorrow Premium
Yep, that's on the list 🙂