I'm so sorry.

Last Update: July 26, 2019

I've written and sent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails to my list during the last couple of years.

That has given some data on what works and what doesn't work.

The most important thing with your emails is obviously your subject line = title of your email.

You may have the best email copy in the world but if your subject line is not good, nobody is going to read it.

By the way, the same applies to your blog posts and YouTube videos.

The title is always the most important piece of your content.

That's why you should put some extra effort on making your subject line good.

Today I decided to share to you what kind of subjects line have given me the highest open rates for my emails over and over again.

Something like this:

  1. "I'm sorry"
  2. "I apologize"
  3. "I'm so sorry"

That's it.

Short and simple but it works.

Pretty surprising, huh? :D

After following the most successful Internet marketers in the world, I've noticed that some of them are using this subject line sometimes as well.

People are probably curious and they're thinking, "Why is he sorry?"

In addition, "I'm sorry" sounds quite humble and it's not spammy like "SPECIAL OFFER!! BUY NOW!"

By the way, I'd recommend avoiding long and spammy looking subject lines overall. First of all, they'll more likely end up in a Promotion folder so people don't read them and second people don't like spammy-looking things.

There you go.

Free tip, didn't cost you anything but can give you some great results if you use it ;)

But of course, don't over-use it. Be wise.

In addition, you can use it genuinely when there is some mistake that you might have done. If you share it to your email subscibers, that may build even more trust. That trust will obviously lead to more engagement and sales over the time course.

Have a great weekend!

Roope "I'm not sorry today but my subject line worked if you read this far" Kiuttu


What kind of subjects lines have worked for you the best with email marketing?

What about with blog posts and YouTube videos? Which titles have given you the best results?

Share your experineces in the comments below!

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KingZ221 Premium
Inspiring Post, Roope!
Thanks for sharing!
I will be using your way and will see if it works. :D
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Nice! Feel free to share to let me know if it worked for you :)
KingZ221 Premium
Yep Definitely! :)
Brenda63 Premium
I didnt know this. I haven't started my email marketing list. Good tip. Thanks Roope!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Maybe this might work with YouTube and other platforms as well? :) I haven't tested yet on others than email though.
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks for this crucial piece of marketing information Roope. Jim
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for reading Jim!
AnaB7 Premium
Ha ha it worked. I will use these helpful tips. I open your posts. You got me.

Thank you for sharing.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Hahaa! ;)
RDulloo Premium
Thanks for sharing, Roope.

One of mine that worked great was "You've Got Commissions" and then started my email with something like "I'm so happy when I receive emails like that in my inbox and you could be getting them too."

And then I show them proof with a screenshot.

I got tons of referrals that way, some of which even went premium.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Reyhana!

I also tested it once and I should probably try again now that I have a bigger list than when I tested it first time.

I remember that some Africans replied me immediately, "Where can I get my commissions? When will you send me?"

And then after some time someone still insisted, "Hey! You promised to send me money! When will you send it??"
RDulloo Premium
Omg! That's too funny.

Not picking on the Africans because I'm not racist or anything, but out of my list at that time, when I tried this line, I got one that replied the same way! lol

I guess it just shows some people don't read the email or maybe some people just don't know English that well to understand the whole message within the email.