Does Wealthy Affiliate work? (IMMEDIATE results vs Long-Term Results!)

Last Update: Oct 31, 2020

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If you want to lose weight and you start an exercise program and you eat healthy...

Then you follow that program for 1 week.

You go to the gym for 4 times and eat salad.

In the end of the week, you look into the mirror and still don't see 6-pack, strong chest, biceps and other results.

Does it mean that exercising and eating healthy doesn't work?

Obviously not.

Well, that's how many people treat their online businesses.

They "try" Wealthy Affiliate for 1 week and when it didn't make them money immediately they quit.

Immediate Results vs Long-Term Results

When you start a health program, usually a few things will happen.

  1. You feel good after exercising because your body releases "feel-good hormones" (unless you go hard-core immediately).
  2. You feel good about yourself mentally because you're on your way to a healthier life.
  3. You feel better after eating a healthy meal rather than big fat pizza & hamburger. You feel lighter and more energetic.
  4. Etc.

Those are immediate results

However, you're not going to get long-term results right away such as:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Gain muscle
  3. Better body composition
  4. Improved posture
  5. Less fat
  6. Etc.

Those things may take a longer time and you shouldn't expect them immediately.

Let's take this to your online business.

Immediate results:

  1. You know how to build a website using Wordpress.
  2. You know how to research keywords using Jaaxy.
  3. You learn how the money-making process works in theory.
  4. You feel good because you're on your way to financial freedom.

Those things can happen within a week when you start in Wealthy Affiliate.

However, most people expect long-term results immediately such as:

  1. Make money while you're sleeping.
  2. Make a life-changing income.
  3. Have a website with 30,000 monthly visitors.
  4. Ability to make money anytime you want by sending a quick email promo to your email list.
  5. Etc.

Those are long-term things and don't happen by snapping your fingers.

But they tend to happen eventually for things who do build their online businesses for the long term. In the same way like health benefits come to you little by little when you follow a health program.

Good news!

Gyms are packed in the first of January. People are excited to build a healthier life.

In the second week, some people have already stopped coming... Each week less people come.

In February a lot of people have already quit.

The same happens with online businesses. Most people are excited in the first few days. But within a month they've alredy quit.

Why is this good news?

Just by taking consistent action to build your business and moving forward every week, you'll beat most of your competition.

I started in Wealthy Affiliate in 2015.

During the last 5 years Wealthy Affiliate has completely transformed my life.

I wonder how many people are still here who started at the same time with me... Just by "sticking in the game" you increase your chances of success dramatically.

Remember the difference between Immediate and Long term results!

It's Your Time!

- Roope "Anything worthwhile in life never comes easy" Kiuttu

PS. One thing that helps is to celebrate even small victories. It makes the process even more fun and enjoyable.

Some milestones could be:

  • Writing x amount of words for a week.
  • Publishing x amount of videos.
  • Reaching x amount of YouTube/email subscribers.
  • Reaching x amount of daily visitors on your website.
  • Getting ranked on Google
  • Making your first dollars.
  • Making your first $1,000/month online.
  • Making your first x amount of dollars.
  • Making x amount of sales.

Whatever it is... Just celebrate it and give yourself a pat on the back. Then get back to work to hunt more results and provide value for more people.

Let's go!


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Hello Roope, I am a foreigner but I will stick with Roope thank you!
Your article "Does WA work?" was both educational and provocative.

It provoked me to stop sitting in my comfort zone and get to work! It was educational because I can learn from your example and try to emulate you.
I am glad that you haven't taken up the ladder with you to the Pent House and leaving us newbies trying to figure out.

I will be reaching out to you when I get stuck. Thank you for your blog.

Looking at the wider communities that is the way life has transformed everyone wants it yesterday. Our devices and Google say it is so?

Some really good points, Roope, we live in a different world.

One thing for sure nothing comes without work and the rewards of our labor are worth savoring they can be soi sustaining in the long run.

Great post.


We forget that in order to reach the summit you must keep going. One step after another, gradually we move higher on the path until eventually, we reach the summit.

WA provides the path and directions on which way to go, but it is up to us to walk the path step by step. Without actually doing it we will not reach the summit.

All the best.


These are very valuable points for all to consider.

Too many people chase the easy money get rich quick pie in the sky secret guru garbage... and all they ever get in return is less money in their bank accounts and a lot more frustration in their lives.

It really comes down to two main choices - choose one;

1. Build Your Own Business Systematically Over Time

2. Keep chasing "SECRETS" that don't exist

Thanks for another great article Roope!

I will try to watch a couple of your latest youtube videos this weekend too.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

I'm glad there are so many like minded people in this community. I keep seeing these "affiliates" in other places promoting their master classes and in those classes (I've sat through two now) they beat around the bush and try so hard to convince you to do this thing and then slam you with an expensive "accelerated" course for a ridiculous amount of money. I love the trainings here at WA and love posts like this. Real talk and genuine people are what the world needs more of. Thanks for being down to earth man.

I completely agree with you! The community here is amazing. It's one of the biggest reasons that helped me to always keep on move forward despite some setbacks. People here are extremely encouraging!

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